PC Plans

PC Plans

Departmental Review and Planning

Phoenix College's Program Review and Planning process aligns with the interest council budget model.  

The new process consists of two cycles:

Review Cycle

Departments undergoing review will evaluate their area's efficiency and effectiveness by diving into data provided by the Office of Planning & Research and supplemented by their own metrics. Departments may participate in an open forum to gain insights about their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats from their faculty, staff, students, and external partners. The takeaways from this experience will be used to form their new Departmental Plan and resource needs for the following one to three years.

Revise Cycle 

All Departments or designated planning units will submit or confirm their one to three-year plan annually. Those that undergo "Review" will use their experience in that process to form their plan. All other Departments will revise and update in-progress objectives and tactics and submit resource needs for the upcoming fiscal year.


Planning Site


Strategic Planning

Phoenix College implemented a new Strategic Plan for a five-year cycle covering years 2023 through 2028. The plan set the following priorities for Phoenix College with goals and objectives related to each of these pillars: More information about the Strategic Plan can be found on the PC Strategic Planning webpage such as:

  • Strategic Plan Outline
  • Strategic Plan Overview
  • Strategic Plan Metrics
  • Roles and Expectations for those involved in planning
  • Strategic Planning Committee member list