Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Looking for a job?

Phoenix College routinely seek competent, caring, qualified professionals who not only possess outstanding credentials and experience in their fields, but also have the desire to share their expertise with our campus. Available job opportunities and information on how to apply can be located at the following:

Please use the webpage if you are interested in the following position types:

  • Regular faculty
  • Staff
  • Administrative position
  • Adjunct Faculty Pool (District Wide)
  • Temporary Positions (District Wide)

Maricopa Job Website District Wide Temp Pools listed below: 

Administration Support/Clerical : Job ID 310393

  • Administrative Specialist
  • Administrative Specialist Sr.
  • HR Assistant/Specialist
  • Office Assistant
  • Marketing/Public Relations/Media Specialist

Student Affairs/Academic Affairs/Other: Job ID 310405

  • Student Services Specialist/Specialist Sr.
  • Tutor/Tutor Sr.
  • Peer Mentor
  • Instructional services Specialist
  • Lab Technician
  • Box Office Assistant
  • Planning and Research Coordinator
  • Library Assistant/Technician/Specialist
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Property and Materials Technician/Specialist
  • Public Safety Assistant
  • Wellness and Fitness Technician/Senior

Technical: Job ID 310401

  • Tech Support Technician/Specialist
  • Network and Systems Specialist

Accounting & Fiscal Services: Job ID 310406

  • Fiscal Tech/Tech Sr.
  • Fiscal Assistant
  • Fiscal Specialist/Specialist Sr.

Custodial & Maintenance: Job ID 310407

  • Custodian/Custodian Sr.
  • Groundskeeper/Groundskeeper Sr.
  • Maintenance Operations Tech/Specialist
  • HVAC/Painter/Plumber/Carpenter/Electrician and/or related

Professional: Job ID 310408

  • Professional level staff, would include approved Exempt- level positions such as Accountant, HR Supervisor, Project Supervisor, Student Services Analyst/Senior, Instructional Services Coord, Sr., etc.

Non Credit Instructors: Job ID 310444

Work Study: 310454

Periodically, check back for updated job postings.