Work Related Injury

Work Related Injury

What is a work related injury?

A work related injury or illness is one in which the injury or illness is sustained by an employee while doing their job.

What do I do if a work related injury occurs?

Report ALL work related injury to your supervisor immediately!  If your supervisor is not available, report the injury to another supervisor in the area or the HR department. Only involve Public Safety if there is a life threatening injury or no other supervisors are on the campus at the time of injury (i.e.after hours or weekends).

*The employee must contact TriageNow immediately after the injury with their supervisor*

The supervisor must fill up the Supervisor's Report of Industrial Injury form and send it to Phoenix College HR office, within 24 hours of injury. Phoenix College HR will send the form to the Risk Management office at the District Office (RMO). 

***Due to some gaps in location coverage or the lack of another option for treatment for work comp injuries, MCCCD has added Honor Corporate Health as an additional option for a treatment facility for work comp injuries. However, Triage Now should still be the first call unless it's an emergency situation. If it's an emergency situation please dial 480 784  0911.***

Workers Compensation Procedure

This Workers Compensation Procedure PDF will walk you through the steps necessary to report an industrial injury for all employees covered under a policy manual as well as student workers’, adjunct faculty, temporary employees and official volunteers.

For more information, please visit District's Workers' Compensation web page.