Brand Standards


All creative must adhere to the Brand Standards of Phoenix College
and Maricopa Community Colleges.

To protect Phoenix College's visual identity, brand standards, including appropriate college logos were created to assist individuals in producing printed and online materials for PC. Its intent is to set forth the various components necessary to ensure consistency. Although creativity is encouraged within publications, the standards specified in this manual must be followed so that the college’s printed materials will present a unified image.

Visit the PC Logos page to download the current logos. 

All publications that represent Phoenix College should be reviewed prior to production by the PC Marketing Team, to ensure that the publications meet PC standards.

For clarification or interpretations of situations not covered in the manual (linked below), or to have any materials that will be public facing reviewed, contact the Marketing Office at

Review MCCCD Brand Standards


Non-Discrimination statements – full statements must be included on all materials 8.5" x 11" or larger that may be seen by students. Spanish only or bi-lingual documents must also include the statements in Spanish. Both versions are available at the link provided. Materials containing PC or MCCCD branding need the non-discrimination statements. If approved by IA., for student-facing-only materials smaller than 8.5" x 11" a modified version of the non-discrimination statement may be used. Click here for the non-discrimination statements.