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Alumni Spotlight - Angela Hughey '97

Angela Hughey

Angela Hughey '97 is the co-founder of ONE Community, a member-based coalition of socially responsible businesses, organizations and individuals who support diversity, inclusion and equality for all Arizonans. In 2013, Hughey and the ONE Community team launched the very successful UNITY Pledge, a concerted effort by Arizona businesses and individuals to advance workplace equality and equal treatment in housing and public accommodations. We caught up with Angela recently to learn about ONE Community's current goals and hear her stories about Phoenix College and what inspires her.

Angela, what's new with ONE Community?

We've been evolving along with the conversation around diversity and inclusion for 7 ½ years now, and we are hitting our stride. 2015 was really about understanding our next chapter and putting in place the processes that we need to continue to move forward. Now that it's 2016, we are putting our evolutionary plans into place. We have four key areas of focus: (1) Our continued outreach to the Business Community, (2) Faith Outreach and Education, (3)Transgender Outreach and Education, (4) Millennial Outreach. We hope to have another 1,000 businesses to sign the Unity Pledge this year. We have connected with over 150 faith leaders who have signed the pledge and just welcomed our new Transgender and Millennial Outreach Coordinator. Our organization is growing! I'm really excited about our commitment to Millennials. We have created the Millennial Multicultural Advisory Board (MiMab) which seeks to educate, empower, and connect millennials across the state. Millennials are the most culturally diverse generation in American's and want fair treatment. They are the business and community leaders of tomorrow. They want ownership in how the future will be for the next generations. The MiMab is only 10 weeks old and this group has already partnered with the Morrison Institute. I expect great things in the future of this advisory board.

Why did you choose to go to Phoenix College? Did anyone inspire you?

I'm a small town girl, I chose Phoenix College for the smaller class size and personal attention, for me it's the best learning environment.

Do you have a story to share about a favorite professor or a special memory of your time on campus?

I will never forget performing Romeo and Juliet. We performed it in a Mad Max in Beyond Thunderdome Style. We had a great time experimenting and it was just an all-around good experience for me.

How did your education at PC help prepare you for what you are doing today?

My degree is in Theatre and in my role at ONE Community, many times I am presenting in-front of a large audience or talking with the media.  When those butterflies get going I just remember to breathe from the diaphragm.

What advice do you have for PC alumni and students interested in pursuing your profession?

When we started ONE Community, we were a small socially responsible business with a big heart. As we look back at our beginnings, we’ve realized that we were disrupters.  We looked at business models and took the best of what’s worked but we didn’t current models limit how we created ONE Community.   It’s important to create an opportunity for everyone to participate in the conversation about inclusion.  Find numerous ways of entry for any group that you create.

What is the single most important networking tip you can share with graduating PC students and job-seeking alumni?

Have a cup of coffee with everyone. That is my mantra. Don’t limit yourself by assuming someone’s title or the organization they represent is not a good fit and what interests you. You can learn from everyone. We all have fantastic stories to learn. Don’t see opposition; see opportunity!

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