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Saving Lives Is An Option At PC - Study To Be An EMT

Being an EMT is rewarding. 

Save lives and make a difference!


Q: What year are you and what is your certificate/degree?

A: I received my bachelors from ASU ‘13. I enrolled in the PC this semester for the EMT 104 course to become EMT certified.


Q: Why did you choose this program at PC?

A: I chose PC because it was the school I was recommended from my mentors who work from Phoenix Fire Department. They talked about how well the program is ran, those who get certified are well educated in the skills needed, and how great the hands-on-learning is provided.


Q: What would you tell a student about the this program if they said they were considering choosing it as a major? 

A: I’d say this class is tough, fun, and rewarding. You learn so much within a very small amount of time. It makes you really think about what you want to pursue as a career. Most people say they want to help others and give back to the community to become an EMT/firefighter. Taking this class definitely will help you see the path you want to take.


Q: Tell me about one of your favorite experiences in an EMT course.

A: I enjoyed the classes we got to learn/practice using the equipment. Being able to physically use the tools, see what each tool looks like, how to use it, and learning why or in what scenarios you’d use them was fun for me. 


Q: Why do you like this program and would you recommend it?

A: I like  this program because it exposed me to what the job truly entails. It was very challenging but fun. It helped me decide what career path I want to pursue. 


Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: After becoming EMT certified I plan to apply to be an EMT and next year apply to become a firefighter.

Start saving lives!

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