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Why You Don't Need Top Grades To Get A Scholarship

Going to college can be shocking for more than one reason, but the major deciding factor in whether students choose to attend or not, is how they’re going to pay for it.

No matter what institution you pick, it’s going to cost you a significant amount of money, which is why many people never end up going. -This shouldn’t be the case. 

It may come as a surprise to you, but there are many scholarships and grants that do not require a minimum GPA. Instead, they require a written essay or a particular degree interest and some even require growing up in a certain city. Scholarships aren’t just afforded to those who have good grades, a high ACT or SAT score or a perfect GPA. In fact, there are hundreds and thousands of scholarships and funding sources around the world that cater specifically to those who weren’t able to get high grades. And a lower grade point average shouldn’t hold you back from receiving financial aid.

In fact, there are scholarships for almost every type of situation and background; all you have to do is look! There are scholarships for those with low-income or no income, those who are in minority and those who are in the majority, the first in their family to attend college or the fifth generation to attend college, etc. What we’re trying to say is that for every circumstance there is a scholarship to match. 

There’s a list on Phoenix College’s website of all the scholarships offered directly through our institution and there’s also a list of general scholarships in Arizona as well. You can use resources on our scholarship page to discover other search engines outside of Phoenix College as well. FastWeb, Upromise, and College Depot are all linked on our scholarships page and can help rake in the money for you to afford school, books, and maybe even rent! Most of these scholarships do not require high GPA; a minimum of 2.0 is accepted in most cases so don’t be discouraged. It’s essentially “free” money just out there waiting for you to scoop up. Don’t let your past grades keep you from seeking out and applying to scholarships. We want to help in any way possible so reach out to financial aid or an advisor to see what kind of scholarships are right at your fingertips! 


Phoenix College wants to remove the barrier of cost to help each student find the right kind of financial aid. We want to maximize your scholarships and grants so that you can maximize the time spent studying instead of worrying about money. If you are interested in meeting with a member of the financial aid team, please contact:, or call 855.622.2332 to set up an appointment. 

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