Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Collegiate Club Wins Big at Winter Leadership Conference

Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Members and advisors of Phoenix College's Future Business Leaders of American (FBLA) collegiat club hold up the eleven awards won by the team at the Winter Leadership Conference
Phoenix College student and member of Future Business Leaders of America, Tori Nievera, accepts her first place award for Accounting
Phoenix College students and members of FBLA, Johnny Holder and Max Sweet, accept their first place awards for Computer Concepts and Global Analysis and Decision Making, respectively

On February 10, Phoenix College’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Collegiate Club hosted the Winter Leadership Conference (WLC) on the 3rd floor of the Business Building to compete against teams from Arizona State University (ASU), Yavapai College, and Eastern AZ College.  Eighteen students competed in over twenty events and exams including Accounting, Global Analysis and Decision Making, Computer Concepts, Job Interview, Marketing Analysis and Decision Making, Foundations of Finance, Impromptu Speaking, Business Decision Making, and Sports Management. 

Advisors & Judges

Phoenix College FBLA club advisors Mark Sassetti, Jorge Vega, and Doug Northway attended with three other advisors from the competing colleges.  Seven judges, including Adam Zingg for Impromptu Speaking and Ashley Brown and his wife for Job Interview, scored the events and exams.  Natalie Barnes and Janice Moore of PC’s business department helped coordinate the event. "FBLA is an amazing organization when it comes to the future success of anyone working in the business world," said advisor Doug Northway. "FBLA not only teaches students how to create a resume, build confidence when interviewing for a job, and working in a team environment, but FBLA helps students to develop personal confidence and discover innate capabilities when they enter the workforce."

Dream Team

While some members of FBLA were hesitant to enter the Winter Leadership Conference because of shyness or lack of confidence, the students "working together and encouraging each other builds this Dream Team," Northway said. Tori Nievera, a member of the club, agreed to participate with encouragement from the group. She participated in some written exams and one team performance event, and according to Northway, she was all smiles after her successes and admitted that she had a good time and it was more fun than she had anticipated.  Other members of the Dream Team include Johnny Holder, Jessica Shadwick, Patrick Ancheta, Gurjot Boparai, and Max Sweet. Out of the 20 events and exams offered, Phoenix College was the top medal winner with 11 medals – six first place gold medals, three second silver medals, and two third place bronze medals – with ASU winning 10 medals, Yavapai earning 9, and Eastern Arizona taking home 7. Every PC student won at least one gold or silver award.  

"We have many members with strong skills and talents in different scholastic topics.  FBLA gives the members a chance to work together to analyze situational problems, brainstorm, work on solutions, and present a solution to the judges," Northway said.  "Their favorite events are the Business Decision-Making, the Hospitality case study, and the Finance case competition.  At the conference, members come together as groups of two or three to solve real-world business problems and present them to a panel.  You should see their faces as they are rewarded with top three awards or trophies for their efforts!" The team heads to ASU on March 23 for the state competition. 

Prepare for Success with Tools and Encouragement

The Phoenix College FBLA club prepares students who are interested in pursuing a career in business. Through local, state, and national competitions, students network with other students, advisors, and business professionals in addition to developing  leadership, communication, and team skills. Want to expand your business acumen? Check out PC’s business department and the FBLA club.