Success News

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Collegiate Club Wins Big at Winter Leadership Conference

On February 10, Phoenix College’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Collegiate Club hosted the Winter Leadership Conference (WLC) on the 3rd floor of the Business Building to compete against teams from Arizona State University (ASU), Yavapai College, and Eastern AZ College. 
February 27, 2024

Ashley Aguilera’s Study Abroad Experience

Phoenix College (PC) student Ashley Aguilera took part in a study abroad program this past summer, traveling to England, Scotland, and France. It was her first trip to Europe and she was not sure what to expect; “I was very nervous about all aspects of traveling,” said Ashley. 
November 7, 2023

Pepsico Awards Imelda’s Happy Tamales $10,000 and Digital Support

The $10,000 grant will allow me to buy a food truck.” Yet, it’s the one-on-one coaching from digital experts that offers real long-term impact.  “A team of people from Pepsico has been working with me for weeks,” Imelda said of her website upgrades. “Visitors can now place orders on my website.” Pepsico’s David Hamilton added: “The digital coaching supports how the Jefa-owned businesses show up online.  We help owners with the avenues like the add-on feature, which helps drive revenue with online sales.”  Pepsico’s $50 million investment over a five-year period offers select businesses to work with a team of advisors to level up delivery logistics, technology, marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. 
February 7, 2023

Sarah Nunez Perseveres to Make a Positive Impact

"I bleed blue and gold," said Sarah Nunez, a Phoenix College (PC) ambassador, honors student, and Student Success Specialist. "I absolutely love this school. It's changed my life." Sarah's positivity and calm demeanor belie the many challenges she has faced.
December 7, 2022

Esports Rocket League at Phoenix Raceway

The all-day event included the morning esports tournament and the afternoon NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship event, which included a college area for students to explore. Maldonado explained, "It's the vision of esports to be able to do more tournaments, especially at a state level, to compete against these other colleges." NASCAR has agreed to offer more esports tournaments moving forward.
December 2, 2022

Scoring at Life with an Assist from Basketball

Hardwood floors, freshly waxed, squeak under pivoting sneakers, absorbing the rhythmic shock of the ball bouncing its way down the court. The backboard takes a hit as the leather ball finds its home into the net; the glowing scoreboard comes to life and points are re-tallied. A scent of salt and sweat permeates the hall. Finally, a buzzer’s low blast signals a stop in play. The crowd erupts into cheers, their enthusiasm reverberating around the solid brick walls of the gymnasium.
November 23, 2022

A Model Citizen

When Nate Damian was a middle school student, he sought out a dual enrollment high school program to give him college experience and save him money on tuition. When he missed the application deadline for a school near his house, he recalled Phoenix College Preparatory Academy's booth at his middle school's high school fair. Nate applied and began attending Phoenix College Preparatory Academy (PCPA) in 2017. In tandem with his high school classes, Nate completed seven college courses by the time he graduated high school in 2021. He finished his Associate Degree at Phoenix College in 2022, just one year later.
November 8, 2022