Luis Herrera Turns a Life-Defining Moment in 2010 into a Role Model Opportunity

A life-defining moment in 2010 changes the trajectory for Luis Herrera and his future. Without a clue what to do after high school, Luis knew he needed to finish college and set an example for his…
October 11, 2023

Phoenix College Celebrates Seal of Excelencia Certification

Phoenix College’s Mariachi Osos del Valle kicked off the Noche de Celebración event on Oct 5, announcing PC being certified with the Seal of Excelencia.
October 11, 2023

Mark C. Keever: 2023 Hero of Education

Phoenix College is honored to celebrate Mark C. Keever, the College’s 2023 Hero of Education. Mark generously donated more than half a million dollars – the entirety of his estate – to support PC…
October 9, 2023

US Spanish Language Premier of Esa Nena Rie, Esa Nena Llora, Esa Nena No Hace Nada at the PC’s John Paul Theatre

"I speak Spanish every day," said Phoenix College (PC) student Aylen Gutierrez, who plays the oldest of three sisters in the the US Spanish Language Premier of Esa Nena Rie, Esa Nena Llora…
October 2, 2023

A Mindful Collaboration: Taiko Drumming and Drawing

How often are we really able to slow down these days? How often do we give ourselves permission to take a few deep breaths and just sit and observe what is happening around us? These are some of the…
October 2, 2023

JC Supercars Give-away Provides Reliable Transportation for PC Nursing Student and Her Daughter

Jacquelina Reyes worked in corrections for 16 years, but her heart has always been to serve the Hispanic population in the medical field. With support from Arizona Career Pathways, Jacquelina is a…
September 21, 2023

Transitioning Learners to College (TLC) Offers Students with Disabilities a Diverse College Experience and a Circle of Support

Donna Gammage and Bryan Heckler are the fairy godparents many of us wished for as teenagers. Except they don't have a magic wand or indulge in fantasy. Their work as Job Developer and Lead…
September 20, 2023

How Ivonne Estrella Dominguez Found Her Voice at PC

Ivonne Estrella Dominguez attended college to step out of her comfort zone. "If you had met me a few years ago, I wouldn't speak to people," she said. "I was really quiet and shy…
September 14, 2023

Mariachi: Mexican Pride and a Cultural Bridge for many PC Hispanic Students

The sound of mariachi brings romping rhythms, lyrics of love and land, and respect for Mexico's natural and cultural heritage. The music celebrates the joys, struggles, and growth of the people…
September 6, 2023