What is SustainabilityPhoenix College's commitment to sustainability is represented in many different ways, including responsible energy management, recycling, and education. Numerous sustainable practices have been proactively implemented during the past decade.

The college's sustainability plan provides goals, action items and measurable outcomes designed to help PC become sustainable in all operational practices, while supplying sound prescriptive strategies to achieve an aggressive goal for greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Phoenix College is committed to achieving sustainable goals, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, support and practicing of sustainable efforts, improving the awareness and understanding of environmental issues, encouraging participation in sustainability efforts and practices, and educating the campus community.

PC Green is the Sustainability Committee for Phoenix College, and is dedicated to working with both Administration and the Campus as a whole to make Phoenix College more environmentally knowledgeable and sustainable.

Phoenix College practices sustainability in the following ways:

Recycling and Waste Reduction

  • Over 100 mixed recycling containers on campus outside the buildings, and deployed during sporting events
  • PC receives a bounty for its recycled office paper and cardboard. Funds are used to help promote green action on campus
  • Numerous individuals at PC and throughout the district have taken a paper reduction pledge

Energy Conservation

  • Two electric vehicle charging stations are located on campus
  • Solar panels with a solar array monitoring center in the Hannelly Center
  • Trip reduction, including car and vanpool, bike, bus, light rail and trip chaining
  • Energy, water, materials conservation in the campus buildings

Natural Resources

  • Garden Club
  • Bountiful Baskets


  • Courses in green practices, sustainability
  • Campus and community education