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  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE – CAMPUS CLOSED: PC classes resume online 4/6. The physical campus will remain closed until 5/8 with updates from the CDC.
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Vision, Mission, Values

PC Vision

Phoenix College will be the premier provider of student-centered learning opportunities for our community to go far close to home.

PC Mission

Phoenix College serves our diverse community with student-centered teaching and learning experiences that inspire the lifelong pursuit of educational, professional, and personal goals.

PC Basics: Core Values


We connect with our campus and community through clear and frequent communications, collaborations, and the valuing of differences.


We promote quality teaching and learning experiences that prepare individuals for life, work, and leadership.


We support learning, discovery, informed risk taking, and an entrepreneurial spirit that creates new possibilities.


We are committed to the highest principles of academic, professional, and personal conduct.


We value deliberation, tolerance, and our obligation to treat each other with dignity, fairness, and civility.


We are committed to prudent management of our resources.

Learning College Principles

Four learning principles drive the learning college concept:

Evaluation guides every decision making process by asking the question, "How does this improve and support learning?"

We communicate expectations required at all levels of the institution by choosing common vocabulary, clear language, and open dialogue.

A shared vision for a learning and learner-centered college is cooperatively constructed by the institution, the community it serves, and the partners to whom the institution is accountable.

Learners are responsible for their learning.

Read the complete learning principles on the Learning College web pages.