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Course Placement FAQ

Do I need to take a placement exam?

Are you attending college for the first time or enrolling in college-level English, reading or math classes for the first time?

  • Students who do not have a qualifying High School GPA, ACT, SAT or GED and are new to college or those without college-level credits in English, reading or math are required to complete placement testing in all three subject areas. 

If you've....

  • Attended high school within the last ten years and you have an overall, unweighted high school GPA of 2.6+, please log in to this website with your MEID and password and submit a copy of your HS transcript that includes a cumulative, unweighted GPA - you may be able to use them for course placement  
  • Taken the ACT/SAT or GED within the last five years, please please log in to this website with your MEID and password and submit a copy of your test scores - you may be able to use them for course placement

How will I know which course I placed into?

To determine the course you placed into you may use the MCCCD Placement Coach, review the MCCCD Placement Chart, or speak to your advisor.

  • MCCCD Placement Coach - The Placement Coach is programed to provide course recommendations using any of the approved placement measures. 

  • MCCCD Placement Chart - Provides a complete list of the placement ranges for English, reading and math as well as ESL placement information

  • Advisement - find contact information for advisement

Have you earned college-level credits in English, reading or math but not all three subjects? 

  • Students who have earned college credit in English, reading or math; or who wish to retest may test in a single subject area.

Do you want to improve your placement recommendations?

  • If you took an EdReady placement exam, you may work on the recommended Study Paths, and posts tests to increase their score, you will not need to retake the whole test.
  • If you took Accuplacer placement exam, you may retake the exam for English, reading or math once (after a 24 hour waiting period). 

Do you plan to attend Phoenix College and need to take the placement test but live outside of Maricopa County?

  • You may to take EdReady, online at your convenience. Your MEID and password are required to take EdReady.
  • PC Testing Services is happy to set up a voucher that will allow you to take the Accuplacer exam closer to home. Navigate to this website, complete the form and we will respond to your college email within three business days.
  • We strongly encourage students to prepare prior to taking their Accuplacer or EdReady placement exam, using these resources.

Where can I find my placement test results?

To access all of your placement scores currently on file, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to
  • Select Student Center and log in with your MEID & Password
  • Select the Academic Records tile
  • Select Student Test Scores link from the menu on the left - use the Placement Coach, or the MCCCD Course Placement Chart to determine initial course placement. Phoenix College has adopted several different tools (High School GPA, Accuplacer, EdReady, SAT, ACT, GED) that students may use for initial course placement into English, reading and math. Students may enroll in any class they are placed into based on any of the placement tools. Advisors will explain initial placement and answer questions you may have In BearTrax

Click here to find additional information about the Enrollment Process 

What do I need to bring with me to take a Placement Test(s)?

  • Phoenix College MEID or Student Number  - If you haven't been admitted to the college, please navigate to and submit the Student Admissions Application prior to taking your placement test.
  • Current, valid photo ID from this list

Can I retake my placement exam?

Students who complete an EdReady Placement Exam, may work on the recommended Study Paths, and posts tests to increase their score, you will not need to retake the whole test. Students who took Accuplacer may retake the placement exam for English, reading or math once (after a 24 hour waiting period). 

How long are my scores valid?

*Placement test scores are usually valid for 2 years from the date of testing. During pandemic operations Placement test scores will be valid for 5 years, with the exception for those students who place Reading Exempt, that placement will not expire.

If you have any questions please contact Testing Services at, or call 602.285.7844 for further information.

Students with Disabilities: If you require test accommodations due to a documented disability, please contact Disability Resources & Services for information regarding your accommodations at 602.285.7477