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Academic FAQ

Advisors are available on a drop-in basis or by appointment. If you have further questions about advisement, you can call (602) 285-7777 or chat online with an advisor. 

The role of academic advisement is to define and shape academic plans to meet your educational goals. Academic advisors will assist students in goal setting, devising academic development plans and selection of classes. The academic advisor is also prepared to inform you on academic options as well as provide direction in various career choices. There are academic advisors on staff with certain specialties to assist the student in specified academic programs such as nursing or business career options.

An educational goal needs a plan to complete and achieve that goal. The academic advisors assist in creating a plan according to your needs and educational goals to keep you on track for graduation. You should schedule one or two visits with an academic advisor every semester to maintain your educational plan.

The most important aspect is to come with questions about your academic and career goals or any area relating to enhancing your college experience. Please be prepared for your advisement visit with your college transcripts, test scores and checksheets assist the academic advisor in devising your academic plan.

We believe that communication with your Academic Advisor is very important. When we meet with you, we will include notes about our visit with you and attach helpful documents so you can view them at your convenience. Click here to learn how to access:

If you are planning to transfer to a state university (University of Arizona, Arizona State University or Northern Arizona University), you can refer to the Course Equivalency Guide by visiting If you wish to transfer to an out of state 4-year college/university, it is recommended that you consult an advisor of the college/university you plan on attending. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please call the advisement center at (602) 285-7777

It is required to have 12 or more credits to be designated as a full-time student.

Evaluation of Official Transcripts

1.Apply to Phoenix College, or in-person. You will receive a Student Identification number, a Maricopa Enterprise ID number and a Maricopa Email after applying.

2.Contact all colleges/universities to request an OFFICIAL transcript to be mailed to:

Phoenix College - Admissions
1202 W. Thomas Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85013

3. The Admissions Office will evaluate your transcripts upon receiving them and send you an automated message to your Maricopa E-mail address.

4. Allow 1-2 weeks for processing and monitor your Student Center via to view your evaluation report. Once evaluated, please meet with an Academic Advisor for consultation.


  • If you have credits at any other Maricopa Community College, please use your Student Center (self-serve) via to transfer credits.
  • A hand-carried transcript cannot be accepted for an official evaluation.