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General Education Courses

Which courses meet my Gen Ed Requirements?

To see a list of all of the courses available at Phoenix College for each General Education category, go to

  • Click on Find A Class (located under Student Tools)
  • Select the semester and Phoenix College
  • Then click More Search Options
  • Additional search categories will display. At the end of this list is a section labeled General Ed Designations. Click on the category that you want and click Search.

This will produce a list of available courses that satisfy each category. 

Please note that these are the Gen Ed categories required for AGEC in AA, AS and ABUS degrees. General Education requirements for AAS and AGS degrees and specific university majors may vary. Refer to your program checksheet and the Phoenix College catalog for complete degree requirements. 

The General Education categories are:

First-Year Composition (FYC)
Literacy and Critical Inquiry (L)
Mathematics (MA)
Computer/Statistics/Quantitative Applications (CS)
Humanities and Fine Arts (HU)
Social and Behavioral Sciences (SB)
Natural Sciences Quantitative (SQ)
Natural Sciences General (SG)
Cultural Diversity in the U.S. (C)
Global Awareness (G)
Historical Awareness (H)

The entire list of AGEC courses is available on the following website:
Questions? Contact your academic advisor.