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Are life's challenges preventing you from focusing on your education?
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Making ends meet as a student can be tough. From fulfilling basic needs, such as food and shelter, to finding the path to long-term financial stability, PC students and families are never alone.  There are many resources—on campus, and within the community—waiting to help.  Sometimes, though, it's difficult to know where to start. 

That's where Phoenix College's Single Stop office enters the picture.  We simplify the process by helping you filter these resources through an online screening tool. We'll then assist you with applications to avoid delays.  No challenge is too great, or too small; and our services are always free.

Don't let temporary roadblocks get in the way of your goals

Don't let temporary setbacks
stand in the way of your goals.

We can connect you with a wide range of resources, including:

Emergency Funds

Food Assistance

Public Benefits Screening,
including SNAP & WIC

Housing & Utility Assistance



Health Insurance &
Medical Coverage


Legal Aid

FAFSA Completion

Financial Literacy





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Step 1.  Create an account & Complete the Screening Tool

The Screening Tool will quickly identify the benefits and resources you may be eligible for. 

Once you're there, Click on “Let’s Get Started!” and input as much information as you can. The process takes about 10-15 minutes. 

Step 2.  Review the programs that are right for you

The screening tool will provide a list of programs you're eligible for. 

Step 3.  Schedule an Appointment with our office

We'll provide 1:1 assistance applying for any benefits, and more.  Give us a call at 602.285.7392 for an in-person, or virtual, appointment.  We're located on the lower level of the Hannelly Center, in the Counseling Department.  


More Resources for Wellbeing at Phoenix College

There are many paths to connection and wellbeing at Phoenix College. Choose the path that fits you best:

Food & Supplies

Food & Supplies

Bumstead's Resource Room, Powered by Whataburger, is based in the Student Union.  It offers food for home consumption, limited school/household supplies, and Grab 'n Go lunches.

While you're there, ask about Patio Pick-Ups, which provide fresh produce monthly.

Bears Closet


The Bears' Closet provides gently-used clothing to students, free of charge.  

Located inside the Career Services area of the Hannelly Building, it's sponsored by Career Services, and Phi Theta Kappa.

Emergency Funds

Emergency Funds

Apply for one-time emergency funding that's available to students who experience qualifying financial emergencies.

Click here to schedule an appointment with the Counseling Department.

Housing Resources

Housing Resources

Find housing options and connect with roommates, through College Pads.

Resource for listing, and locating, subleases.



Counseling faculty offer academic and career counseling services to students.  Receive help navigating your educational journey with success.

Single Stop

Locate Resources Quickly

Single Stop ™ simplifies the process of securing on- and off-campus resources, by matching you to help you may qualify for. 

Our PC office will then assist you with applications to avoid delays.


Mental Health Support

Reach out to Togetherall, an online peer support community available to all PC students.  You'll receive help coping with stress, and more.

Bus Vouchers

Bus Vouchers

Discounted monthly, and semester-long, transit passes available through Student Life & Leadership.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Join Financial Freestyle, a semester-long series of one-hour seminars, with some 1:1 advising sessions. You'll hear from financial advisors who'll cover a variety of topics.

Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

Find people who share your interests.  Student organizations a valuable part of your college experience.

Student Life & Leadership

Student Life & Leadership

Student Life & Leadership operates the Student Union, also known as the Bears' Den, and facilitates activities throughout the academic year.

Child Care


Southwest Human Development provides Pre-K Head Start and Early Head Start throughout the year.