Child Care

Child Care

Head Start and Early Head Start
from Southwest Human Development

Are you enrolled at Phoenix College this semester, and the parent of a child, age 5 or under?

Consider signing up for Head Start or Early Head Start programs, administered by Southwest Human Development, from Phoenix College's Osborn Building.  Not far from the heart of campus, both of these pre-K initiatives are considered excellent preparation for the early years of school, and beyond.  Extended program hours are provided during the fall, spring and summer semesters.

Each initiative is designed to enhance the development of children within a particular age group: 

For children, age 3-5
For infants, toddlers and children, through age 3

DES Subsidy

The DES Child Care Subsidy is accepted as a form of payment for this program.

Interested? Reach out to SWHD.

For questions, or enrollment information, contact Southwest Human Development: 
(602) 560-0000  | 



Head Start