Counseling Department

The mission of the Phoenix College Counseling Department is to meet the diverse academic, career, and personal enrichment needs of all students and our campus community.  Learning-centered instruction, counseling, and consultation are provided to support and assist students with goal development and graduation completion.


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Counseling FAQs

  • Clarify any concerns or difficulties you may have
  • Help you choose the academic or career paths that are right for you
  • Help with problem-solving and decision-making for your academic, career, or personal goals
  • Find mental health treatment off-campus (i.e. individual therapy, medications)
  • Find resources related to rent/utility assistance, food/SNAP, health insurance plans, internet assistance, child care options, etc.
  • Respond to crisis or urgent needs

Counseling services are free and available to all students who are enrolled at Phoenix College.

Counseling Department maintains student privacy as outlined by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) guidelines, and, like other college representatives, may release information as permitted by FERPA or in circumstances involving the safety of students or others. Counseling faculty are mandated by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 to report knowledge of gender-based or sexual discrimination that involves MCCCD students or employees, including sexual harassment or sexual violence that creates a hostile environment on campus.

Academic Advising helps you develop an educational plan, which includes planning a course of study, selecting classes for your major, and preparing you for graduation or transfer. 

Counseling Department includes Faculty who are trained in counseling to help students with personal, educational, and occupational skills. We can help you manage stress, better understand any academic/personal barriers, set goals and create a pathway to meet the goals, develop study skills, respond to crises, and refer you to appropriate resources (i.e. off-campus individual therapy). The Counseling Department also includes Single Stop and HOPE programs that can provide additional resources related to rent/utility assistance, child care options, and food assistance. 

Career Services offer resources and assistance for career planning, job searching, writing resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, and finding work-based experiences and employment.

Counseling Department Appointments:

Schedule a one-on-one appointment with our Counseling Faculty to help you navigate personal, educational, and occupational barriers. These individualized sessions are designed to help you manage stress, improve study or test-taking skills, set specific goals, and align your current personal/occupational circumstances with your educational goals.

To Schedule an Appointment:

  • Call the Front Desk: 602-285-7392
  • Or schedule online directly: Click here to Schedule with Counseling Faculty
    • For Online Scheduling for the first time this academic school year, please fill out both forms:
      • (1) Student Demographics Form
      • (2) Request an Appointment- find a date that matches your availability and modality (In-person, or Virtual: video appt)
    • Otherwise for Online Scheduling, if you already completed the Student Demographics Form this academic school year and if you are already working with a Counseling Faculty, please request an appointment by clicking:
      • (2) Request an Appointment- find the previous Counseling Faculty whom you worked with.

Schedule a one-on-one appointment with our Single Stop Coordinator to receive navigation assistance of public benefits screening (i.e. food/SNAP, health insurance plans, internet assistance) and to receive on and off campus referrals to resources (i.e. rent/utility assistance, child care options, legal consultations, clothing, food pantries, shelter).

To Schedule an Appointment:

The new grant-funded Housing Opportunity Promoting Education (H.O.P.E.) Initiative offers an innovative solution to PC students who are experiencing (imminent) homelessness. If you are eligible, you may receive financial assistance towards housing and wraparound support while you are working and taking classes towards a certificate or degree.

To Schedule an Appointment to Determine H.O.P.E. Eligibility:

  • Call the Front Desk: 602-285-7392 to schedule with either our Single Stop Coordinator or a Counseling Faculty, and specify that you want to learn more about the H.O.P.E. Initiative
  • Or schedule online directly (see above tabs)

Counseling Department is a trained community partner site that helps students apply for and renew benefits online for AHCCCS Health Insurance, Nutrition Assistance (formerly Food Stamps) and TANF Cash Assistance. We help you complete Health-e-Arizona Plus (HEAplus) applications, submit requested documents electronically during an interactive interview, and help track the progress of the application. 

To Schedule an Appointment:

  • Call the Front Desk: 602-285-7392 to schedule with either our Single Stop Coordinator or a Counseling Faculty and specify that you want assistance for Health-e-Arizona (HEAplus) application.