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Preparation for Fundamental Chemistry

A preparatory course designed to review fundamental math and chemistry principles for students inexperienced or insecure with these concepts. Stresses individualized instruction. Designed to prepare students for CHM130. Prerequisites: None.
We now offer in person and on-line classes.


Chemistry and Society

A survey of chemistry and its impact on the environment. Completion of CHM107LL required to meet the Natural Science requirement.
Prerequisites: None. Note: General Education Designation: Natural Sciences (Quantitative) - [SQ] in combination with: CHM107LL.

General Education Designations: SQ


Fundamental Chemistry

A survey of the fundamentals of general chemistry. Emphasis on essential concepts and problem solving techniques. Basic principles of measurement, chemical bonding, structure and reactions, nomenclature, and the chemistry of acids and bases. Preparation for students taking more advanced courses in chemistry. Note: General Education Designation: Natural Sciences (Quantitative) - [SQ] in combination with CHM130LL.

General Education Designations: SQ

CHM130AA Fundamental Chemistry with Lab 
4 Credits which include a lab

General Chemistry I

Detailed study of principles of chemistry for science majors and students in pre-professional curricula. General Education Designation: Natural Sciences (Quantitative) [SQ] in combination with: CHM151LL.
Offered Online Only


General Chemistry II

Study of the chemical properties of the major groups of elements, equilibrium theory, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and other selected topics. Note: Student may receive credit for only one of the following: CHM152 and CHM152LL, or CHM152AA. General Education Designation: Natural Sciences (Quantitative) - [SQ] in combination with: CHM152LL.


Fundamental Organic Chemistry

Chemistry of representative groups of organic compounds, emphasizing biological applications: Note: CHM230 course content is designed to meet the needs of students in such areas as agriculture, home economics, nursing, pre-physician assistant, and physical education among others. General Education Designation: Natural Sciences (Quantitative) - [SQ} in combination with: CHM230LL.

General Education Designations: SQ


General Organic Chemistry I

Rigorous introduction to chemistry of carbon-containing compounds. Reaction mechanisms and recent methods of synthesis emphasized.


General Organic Chemistry IIA

Study of chemistry of carbon-containing compounds continued. Structural determination and additional reaction mechanisms and modern methods of synthesis emphasized.

 CHM260 Fundamental Biochemistry
Structures, properties, and functions of proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids; the utilization and synthesis of these materials by living systems and the relationship of the processes to energy production and utilization. Designed for students in agriculture, dental hygiene, home economics, nursing, and physical therapy. Prerequisites: A grade of "C" or better in (CHM230 and CHM230LL) or (CHM235 and CHM235LL). Completion of prerequisites within the last two years recommended.
 CHM298 Special Projects
May be taken for 1, 2 or 3 credits. Permission of the instructor required.


Laboratory Courses


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 CHM 107LL Laboratory for Chemistry and Society
 CHM 130LL Laboratory for Fundamental Chemistry
 CHM 151LL Laboratory for General Chemistry I
 CHM 152LL Laboratory for General Chemistry II
 CHM 230LL Laboratory for Fundamental Organic Chemistry
 CHM 235LL Laboratory for General Organic Chemistry I
 CHM 236LL Laboratory for General Organic Chemistry II
 CHM260LL Fundamental Biochemistry Laboratory