Laboratory Policies
All work in the laboratory must be scheduled during the hours the laboratory is open. 

Handling and reacting chemicals have inherent dangers, so we minimize those dangers by taking steps such as safety manuals, equipment, training, testing and supervision. Knowledge of the faculty and staff is constantly advancing and safety is taught to the students as part of the lab courses. 

Safety is our prime concern!
We keep our labs safe by maintaining a safety oriented environment. By presenting material to support this at every laboratory period, our enthusiasm for safety is conveyed to our students.

Other Laboratory Policies
Individual drawers, with a combination lock, are provided to the students to hold their lab equipment and related personal items. Most students will have their drawer to themselves, but some students may share a drawer with a classmate.

Students should notify their instructor of a foreseeable absence before the class meets if they wish to be able to 'make up' the lab. All make up work must be scheduled with the stockroom.

Instrumental Capabilities

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our instrumental capabilities in the Chemistry Department. All of our instruments are designed to be used, hands on, by the student with instructor supervision.  In the past year we have added many new instruments to our facilities.

Agilent 5975C GC/MS*     Cary 50 Scanning UV-Visible Spectrophotometer   
Phenom G2 pro* Varian Infrared Spectrophotometer
(2) MTI Microscopes* Thermo-Nicolet FT Infrared Spectrophotometer
Vernier Labquest 2 Digitizers* Anasazi Instruments EFT-60 NMR Spectrometer 
Anasazi Instruments EFT-60 NMR Spectrometer MTI Combination Metallurgic and Biological
Mel-Temp and Vernier Melting Point Instrument*  MTI Combination Metallurgic and Biological Microscope
Gow Mac model 350 and 400 Gas Chromatograph  Mel-Temp Melting Point Instruments
Vernier Mini Gas Chromatograph   Vernier Lab-Pro Labware Digitizers

Two dozen lecture and laboratory courses provide a range of chemistry education from preparatory mathematics, fundamental, general and organic chemistry, as well as independent study.

*Indicates new equipment