Field Experience

Field Experience

What is Field Experience?

  • Field experience is an opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom with supervised practice in the field (a Pre/K-12 classroom setting).

Current EDU Courses that require Field Experience:

  • The following EDU courses require a field experience: EDU220, EDU221, and EDU222

IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card:

  • AZ State Law requires any person who participates in a teacher preparation program to obtain an “Identity Verified Print” (IVP) Fingerprint Clearance Card. It can take several weeks to obtain, so begin the process early.  IVP cards are valid for six years.

Field Experience Forms:

Teacher Education Program Placement Coordinator:

  • Contact Placement Coordinator to identify appropriate placement for EDU course(s). Tiffany Nieto can assign you to an approved PreK-12 partner school and provide you with the necessary steps to having a successful field experience. (Contact Tiffany Nieto for information on current PreK-12 partners).