Art History Studies

Art History Studies

Why Look at Art?

We live in a highly visual culture and while you probably aren't aware of it, your ability to see and understand a video, movie, or photograph depends on a long history of images. The images you see in magazines don't just happen to look like that; rather, image-makers draw on a rich, visual tradition that goes back 30,000 years to produce the work you enjoy. Even you as a consumer of images have to be trained to look at images. More importantly, those images you see communicate important social ideas and beliefs, sometimes without you even being aware of it.

So whether you're a lover of art or just a citizen of our visual world, the history of art underlies your very ability to see and comprehend what is around you.

Based on the reasons provided in the video, why would you look at art?

Why Look At Art?

Section 2

"You Think this Has Nothing to Do with You"

The history of images affects our everyday lives, whether we know it or not.

This scene from The Devil Wears Prada illustrates how "blithely unaware" we are of the histories that walk around with us on a daily basis. In the clip, the boss, Miranda Priestly, schools her painfully oblivious assistant, Andy Sachs, on fashion's reach into Andy's wardrobe. Replace "fashion" with "art" and art history may be more relevant than you think.

What does the history of Andy's lumpy blue sweater teach us about art history in our lives?

You Think This Has Nothing To Do With You

Part 3

Analyzing Complex, Real World Situations

Studying art history has many benefits, even if you aren't an artist or someone who cares about art. Most professions require people to critically investigate and understand things they see.

How might your chosen profession benefit from an eye trained by looking at art?

Analyzing Complex, Real World Situations

Part 4

Explore Our Visual World through Art History at Phoenix College

    • Introduction to Art
    • Art from Prehistory Through Middle Ages
    • Art from Renaissance to Modernism
    • History of Photography
    • Art of Asia
    • Roman Art and Architecture

See what Phoenix College has to offer! Click on the videos below for an overview of some of our courses.

ARH100 Introduction to Art - Professor Rudy Navarro

ARH102 Art from Renaissance to Modernism - Professor Rudy Navarro