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Medical Coding: Hospital-Based

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Medical Coding: Hospital-Based is designed to prepare individuals for diagnostic and procedural coding positions in hospitals and hospital-based settings such as outpatient clinics, emergency departments, and surgery centers. The program is approved by the American Health Information Management Association (233 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2150, Chicago, IL 60601-5800) and is designed to provide the foundation needed for comprehensive entry-level coding certification examinations.


Details iconImportant information you’ll need when applying for admission:
Field of Interest
Health Sciences
Academic Plan
Medical Coding: Hospital-Based (CER)
Total Credits Required

Students must earn a grade of C or better for all courses required within the program.
Students must be willing to undergo a background check performed by the MCCCD approved vendor. (Students who are unsure of their background status may take a preliminary background check at their own expense before entering the program, the results of which will not be sent to the college.)

The following courses must be completed within five (5) years of the Required Course(s) for which they are Prerequisite requirements: BIO201, BIO202, BPC110, HCC145, HCC164, HCC204, and HIM200.

What You'll Learn
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behavior, and cultural competency skills according to acute care professional practice standards. (HCC130, HIM181, HIM208, HIM210, HIM211, HIM213, HIM221, HIM222)
  • Apply critical thinking skills to decision-making processes in accordance with acute care standards and best practices. (HCC130, HIM180, HIM181, HIM208, HIM210, HIM211, HIM213, HIM221, HIM222)
  • Apply legal and ethical concepts and principles applicable to acute care setting regulations and guidelines. (HCC130, HIM181, HIM208, HIM210, HIM211, HIM213, HIM221, HIM222)
  • Use health information technologies commonly used in acute care settings. (BPC110, HIM105, HIM181, HIM211, HIM213, HIM221, HIM222)
  • Apply anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and medical terminology concepts in the acute care coding function. (BIO156, BIO181, BIO201, BIO202, HCC145, HIM181, HIM200, HIM208, HIM210, HIM211, HIM213, HIM221, HIM222)
  • Apply clinical nomenclatures, vocabularies, classification systems, revenue cycle management processes, and coding compliance concepts according to acute care standards. (HCC145, HIM180, HIM181, HIM208, HIM210, HIM211, HIM213, HIM221, HIM222)
Career Opportunities
Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
BIO156Introductory Biology for Allied Health (4) OR
BIO181General Biology (Majors) I (4)4
BIO201Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO202Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BPC110Computer Usage and Applications3
HCC130Fundamentals in Health Care Delivery3
HCC145Medical Terminology for Health Care Professionals3
HIM105Computers in Healthcare and Health Record Systems2
HIM180Introduction to Medical Billing and Reimbursement2
HIM181Medical Claims Processing3
HIM200Human Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Health Information Management (HIM) Professionals3
HIM208ICD-CM Diagnostic Coding2
HIM210ICD-PCS Coding and ICD Applications2
HIM211Advanced Applications of Coding and Reimbursement4
HIM213CPT and HCPCS Coding3
HIM221Medical Coding Seminar1
HIM222Professional Practice in Medical Coding1

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