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Inventory & Property Control

Inventory & Property Control

All equipment that is purchased and received by Phoenix College is processed and recorded. The department ensures that all capital and non-capital equipment and goods are accounted for and appropriate records are maintained in compliance with Maricopa Community Colleges, State, and Federal regulations. The department maintains and safeguards the campus assets through:

  • Proper tagging of all equipment and goods that are received on campus.
  • Maintaining records of all tagged equipment in the Financial Management System (FMS). There are two types of capital asset tags: copper and silver.  For detailed information regarding MCCCD’s capitalization guidelines, please refer to
  • Conducting a regularly scheduled inventory of all capital assets, per the District Office’s timetable.  Results are later compared to the data from the Fixed Asset System that is maintained by the District Capital Asset Accounting department.
  • Providing guidance to campus personnel on issues pertaining to the approved administrative rules and regulations for accurate and timely property control practices and procedures such as:
    • Surplus Property
    • Tagging & Inventory
    • Donations
    • Equipment/Furniture Moves

Meet the staff in Property Control! Please call if you have any questions for us or about our services. We look forward to helping you!

Priscilla Gonzales, Property Materials Manager

Rose Gilbert, Property Materials Specialist

Pacific Office Automation

When an item is identified as surplus, the college notifies the other campuses for the purpose of internal redeployment. If no other campus wants the item(s), the following process is established to ensure compliance with approved administrative rules and regulations:

  • Contact  Rose Gilbert in Event & Fleet Services at 602-285-7536.
  • Obtain a Property/Transfer Disposal Form (PDF).
  • Return the Transfer/Disposal Form to Rose Gilbert once completed and signed.
  • The item is picked up and sent to the Auxiliary Services Support Center.
  • The tagging of assets begins when the goods are delivered to Receiving.  If assets are received directly by the department, then it is the department's responsibility to notify Receiving.
  • The Shipping and Receiving Technician verifies the shipment by counting the items delivered and comparing them to the total count appearing on the packing slip.
  • Once the items are verified, tag numbers are issued according to the value and the category of goods received.
  • The information on each tag is linked to description of the item, category, building, room number, account code, and dollar amount.
  • This information is also entered into FMS and used for safe guarding assets by the District Capital Asset Accounting department.
  • The accuracy of the work at each end (campus Property Control, Receiving and District Office) ensures a minimum of inventory discrepancy.

Before a division accepts donated items from an outside entity or another campus, the following steps must be taken:

  • Value of the item must be determined.
  • An estimate of the maintenance cost must be identified. This is important because the maintenance cost may adversely impact the campus budget.
  • If it is feasible to accept the donation, complete the Acceptance of Donated Property form.
  • The Donor must complete and sign the form. The Donor's personal information is optional.
  • Documentation to support the value of the donated item must be attached.  *If the donated item is artwork, an independent appraisal is required.
  • The Acceptance of Donated Property form is then forwarded to the Dean/Department Chair or Designee and President/Vice Chancellor or Designee for signatures.
  • Once the appropriate signatures are obtained, the signed form must be forwarded to Rose Gilbert.  (Please note: A MCCCD Property Tag may need to be placed on the donated item(s).  Please contact Rose Gilbert for tagging procedures). 

Before donating any PC assets to an outside entity, the following steps must be taken:

  • The item that is identified for external donation must first be made available to all departments and units in Maricopa Community Colleges.
  • Donations can only be made to educational non-profit organizations sponsored by: the State Board of Education, the State Board for Charter Schools, or a school district.
  • Transfer/Disposal Form must be completed and returned to Rose Gilbert, and the receiving eligible non-profit educational institution will be notified, and arrangement will be made for transfer/pick up.
  • The completed Transfer/Disposal Form will be sent to Capital Asset Accounting.  Upon receipt of this form, Capital Asset Accounting will retire the asset, taking the item off the campus inventory.
  • In order to move technology equipment, please file a Helpdesk request.
  • In order to move furniture from one location to another, please submit a Work Order Request.  (Please note: MCCCD Property Tag numbers need to be notated on the Work Order Request if furniture is tagged).

Accurate room numbers are vital to an accurate inventory. If room numbers change due to construction please advise the following departments:

  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Receiving
  • Business Services

If a department needs a piece of technology or any other capital equipment moved from one location to another (even across the room), please advise the following departments via a request form:

Maintenance and Operations
Information Technology
Business Services

All home check out requests must complete a loan request form. All home checks are subject to an annual review and new request form completed. Employees are responsible for the stewardship of all items checked out to them. Should a loss occur they will need to provide the below information, and be prepared to reimburse the college for the lost item out of their homeowners insurance policy.

All capital items that are to be sent to surplus, cannibalized, or trashed, must go through IT and Event & Fleet Services prior to any action taken by the department. Please send an email for any of the above to the IT Helpdesk and Event & Fleet Services. This allows the official database to be changed to reflect whether an item was sent to surplus, a department cannibalized the item or sent the item to the trash. This is extremely important in keeping our exception report and write-offs to a minimum.

All thefts need to be reported to our College Safety Office. Items over $1,000 need to be reported to the Phoenix Police Department.

For self-insurance reimbursement the department will need to submit the following:

  • Public Safety Report
  • Official copy of Police Report
  • MCCCD tag information and serial number of each item
  • A Property Loss Claim Form completed
  • A copy of the original invoice of the items purchased
  • Proof of due diligence in protecting the capital assets
  • A written quote for the replacement items