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Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Committee

The EIDC recognizes that until very recently, most Institutions of Higher Education, including Phoenix College, have been complicit in perpetuating racism, inequity, and exclusion whether by direct action, unexamined policies, or silence.  With this recognition comes our official apology to all those people we failed and to communities who have been harmed, excluded,  and marginalized.  Attached to this apology is an institution-wide pledge to do better.

Understanding that the work of equity and inclusion is only necessary because of our collective failures of the past is essential to creating lasting and meaningful change for the future.  

Equity and Inclusion are actions.  They involve intervening on unfairly balanced situations and widening the scope of belonging for people traditionally left out.  To act for Equity and Inclusion, we:

  • Strive to become systemically aware
  • Strive to become conscious and affirming of racial identities
  • Care deeply about our students, their lived experience and success

Diversity is a fact. It exists, or not, in varying degrees of strength and authenticity.  Measures of Diversity include, but are not limited to:

  • Likelihood of completion across student demographics is equal
  • Every student feels that Phoenix College systemically affirms their identities

We are determined to move forward as leaders, allies and collaborators

Who We Are:

List of EIDC Members:

  • Marilyn Torres-Sierra,
  • Analicia De Anda,
  • Bob Gibney (co-chair),
  • Gilbert Jew,
  • Eric Pollitt,
  • David Pineda,
  • Michelle Monahan,
  • Sam Crandall,
  • Nicholas DelSordi,
  • Rachel Sims,
  • Yvonne Tapia,
  • Christine Moore,
  • Jana Mihaljevic,
  • Ralph Thompson (co-chair),
  • Jana Michaljevic,
  • Delores King 

Student Ambassadors:

  • Kiera Messing
  • Martel Stevenson
  • Ricardo Villafan