Preparing for New Employee

Preparing for New Employee

New Employee Process

Hiring a new employee can sometimes be a hard strenuous task. To make the process smoother, see the New Employee Onboarding Checklist PDF.

Technology Request

In order for your new hire to be able to log into computer accounts, email, and additional services use the following website to file an on-line request,

Work Area Set-Up

Make sure employee has a safe place to store personal belongings with essential tools to perform their job successfully; calendars, preferred tools, etc.

FERPA Compliance

In order to access college records you must go to Maricopa FERPA link to complete the online tutorial.

Sexual Harassment

The Maricopa County Community College District has long observed a strict policy against sexual harassment of students and employees. This Sexual Harassment Link offers the complete text of that policy, along with useful tools and information to help you recognize--and enforce against--conduct that might be sexual harassment.

Mandatory Training and Acknowledgement

As a way to help us understand these policies and provide an assurance to our students and communities we serve that we take public stewardship seriously. We are required to complete two educational training modules:

  • Legal Issues: Public Sector Employment
  • MCCCD Public Stewardship

For more information please visit District's Mandatory Training web page. 

Disclosure Reporting

The Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board Policies and the District’s Administrative Regulations provide the framework for performing our duties. Each of us is responsible for being aware of these rules and abiding by them. 

For more information about disclosure reporting please visit District's Mandatory Training and Disclosures web page.