Employee Information

Employee Information

Phoenix College Employees

Employees here at Phoenix College take pride in their jobs. They are a diverse and talented workforce that makes this college a success. Here on the Employee Information Web Page we highlight the different kind of employees and how an employee can be all that it can be with help from the Professional Development offered by Maricopa County Community College District. 

Professional Development

Employees are a valuable resource to support learning at Phoenix College. Maricopa supports learning by offering an impressive array of professional development opportunities, located on the Professional Development web page, to help us become all that we can be. The resource guide is a great tool to review. It provides a quick and easy way to explore the listing of what opportunities are available.

Diverse Workforce

Here are our diverse workforce for Phoenix College. Check them out:

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty are the part time employees that play a crucial role with Phoenix College's Learning College standards. As professors they are the main contact with student when classes begin. For more information about adjunct Faculty please visit MCCCD's Adjunct Faculty Association Web Page.

Classified Staff, Non-Classified, Administrative or Temporary Reassignment, and Short Term 

For more information please visit our District Web Page

Public Safety

Phoenix College is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment with the support of our college safety employees. for more information about College Safety Employees please visit our PC College Police Web Page or our MCCCD's College Safety Web Page.

Residential Faculty

Residential Faculty are the appointed professors that, like Adjunct Faculty, are a crucial role with Phoenix College's Learning College standards. For more information please visit our District Web Page.

Part Time

Part Time employees support all the workers at Phoenix College in what they do. They help out in every department of work and different environments of work. Part Time workers truly are a valuable resource to every department. For more information on these type of employees, click here

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based work program designed to assist students in meeting their financial obligations while attending school. As eligibility for these positions is dependent upon "need," students must complete the financial aid process before eligibility for FWS can be determined. If you have not yet applied for Federal Financial Aid, you may apply on-line at FAFSA website.

For more information about FWS, please visit PC's Federal-Work Study Web Page.