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Financial Freestyle

Get Financial Tips from the Metropolitan Phoenix YWCA and Financial Aid & Wellness!

Financial Freestyle:
It's about Your Future!

Borrowing for school, establishing credit, creating budgets.  They're common student responsibilities but can sound daunting.  The good news is that personal finance is completely manageable—all you need is a plan! 

Phoenix College's department of Financial Aid & Wellness has teamed up with YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix to offer Financial Freestyle.  It's a series of seminars, and 1:1 advising sessions, just for you.

The decisions you make now will impact your future.  Let the pros get you started on the right path.


How to Attend

Participate virtually, from the comfort of your home. Join us for as many, or as few, sessions as you wish, free of charge.


Click on the link below to attend seminar



Wednesday, February 16th.  1-2 pm
Experts will help create SMART goals & help make digital vision boards with you along with discussing why savings are important and how to save sustainably.

Wednesday, March 2nd.  1-2 pm
Experts will help you set up a financial plan, and stick with it.

Wednesday, March 16th.  1-2 pm
How credit works and how it can impact our lives.

Wednesday, April 6th.  1-2 pm
Experts will walk through the renting process and the rights of the tenants.

Wednesday, April 20th.  1-2 pm

Experts will uncover the mystery of how insurance works, why it's required and why it may or may not be useful given the circumstances

Wednesday, May 4th.  1-2 pm

Experts will cover how to join the workforce with your best interest in mind.


Questions about Scholarships,
or Financial Aid?

The Phoenix College Department of Financial Aid & Wellness is here to help.  Visit our Scholarships page, or our Financial Aid page, to attend weekly meetings.


YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix

YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix is on a Mission!  Since 1912,  they've been eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.  Their financial wellness programs invite women, and the entire community, to explore opportunities for overcoming barriers to equality.

Learn more about how YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix supports Valley communities, and how you can contribute to their work. Visit