Steps to Enroll in the Hoop of Learning Program

Steps to Enroll in the Hoop of Learning Program

Step 1: Learning Information Session

If you did not attend HOOP of Learning Information session then let your high school Native American Counselor know you want to apply to the Hoop of Learning program.

Complete the HOOP of Learning application, have your parents sign it and return it to your Native American Counselor. Download Application

Wait to receive a HOOP of Learning scholarship award letter by the end of January. If you receive this letter then proceed to Step 4. If not, then you will receive a letter explaining the reason(s) why you were not admitted to the HOOP of Learning program.

Complete the Phoenix College Student Information Form. This form is required for admission to Phoenix College. Follow the Steps to Enroll.

Take the Asset placement test before the Hoop program orientation so that you can be enrolled in classes.

Attend the Phoenix College Hoop of Learning program orientation held in April. At this time you will receive your course schedules for Summer. All new students will be enrolled in CPD 150 – Strategies for College Success.

Go to the Hannelly Enrollment Center to receive your Phoenix College student identification card.

Complete a Phoenix College HOOP of Learning book loan agreement. The form is available in the Early Outreach Office located in the Student Union. This form only needs to be completed if your textbook is required for your course(s).

Go to the bookstore to purchase your books and supplies. *The Phoenix College Hoop of Learning program will cover the cost of course-related supplies up to an amount of $25 (based upon program funds available).