Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert

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Crime Reporting & Prevention

Phoenix College enjoys good relations with its neighbors and maintains a highly visible College Police Department that provides for the safety of the campus community. However, no community can be totally risk free in today’s society. To lessen the chances of crimes occurring within the campus community, everyone’s cooperation and vigilance is needed. All members of the campus community are encouraged to immediately report all suspected crimes, unusual or suspicious activities, and emergencies to the College Police Department. For additional information on campus crime, go to the Clery Center for Security on Campus or the US Department of Education's page on Campus Safety & Security.

The College Police Department, under direction of the Director of the College Police, has the responsibility of gathering the data used to prepare the annual campus crime statistics. The data is obtained from reports made to the College Police Department campus security authorities and the college Counseling Department. In the case of the college departments, the data is gathered the same day that it’s reported. Data is obtained annually from the Phoenix Police Department and compared with the data gathered at the college. The resulting data is used to prepare the annual crime statistics report.

Crime Statistics

Statistics and security policies, collated in accordance to the guidelines establish in the Clery Act (20 USC 1092(f)), are published and distributed annually to all current students and employees, and when requested, to any applicant for enrollment or employment at the college. A copy will also be provided to anyone, upon request to the Director of the College Police Department at 602-285-7254.