4C’s Food for Thought Series: Creating a Culture of Care and Compliance

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Fall 2022 Series 

Date Title of Workshop Facilitator(s)


Creating a Culture of Care and Reporting
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Andrea Johnson
10/19/22 Free Expression & Solicitation Aris Mosier & Heather Kruse
11/2/22 VAWA IPV & DV / Working with Pregnant/Parenting Students Michelle Villegas-Gold & Heather Kruse
11/16/22 Crime Safety Matt Verthein
12/7/22 Trends on Accommodation Requests and Updates Devon Alonzo


Previously Recorded Trainings 




Culture of Care and Reporting: Title IX / Discrimination / Conduct Facilitated by: Dean Thompson & Cecilia Quiroz - View Recorded Session Password: rSmpe7rn

2/10/2021 Adulting 101: Dating Violence (Domestic Violence Awareness Month session) View Presentation: Adulting 101: Date Violence
2/24/2021 Supporting Students in Distress and the Role of BAT (Behavior Assessment Team) Facilitated by: Dr. Webster, Dr. Villegas-Gold & Cecilia Quiroz View Presentation: Food For Thought Series: Supporting Students in Distress
3/10/2021 Understanding VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) and those impacted by IPV/DV Facilitated by: Dr. Kruse & Cecilia Quiroz View Presentation: Food For Thought Series: Understanding VAWA
3/24/2021 “What’s your pronoun? Beyond “he and she”” Encouraging Gender Person Pronouns Facilitated by: Cecilia Quiroz View Presentation: What's Your Pronoun
4/7/2021 Adulting 101: Substance and Alcohol Use, Abuse and Consequences View Presentation: Adulting 101: Alcohol and Substance Abuse
4/21/2021 FERPA, Title 4, and Veterans Compliance Facilitated by: Brenda Starck, Cynthia Ramos & Michael Wainscott - View Recorded Session Password: 8eK942FV
5/5/2021 ADA awareness and best practices for working with Pregnant/Parenting Students Facilitated by: Dr. Kruse & Gene Heppard  - View Recorded Session Password: dMpKJdF6

Food for thought:  Support the Academic Success of Pregnant and Parenting Students Presented by Dr. Heather Kruse and Cecilia Quiroz - Hosted by Jimenez,Francesca - Play Recording (56Min) - Recording password: AqtGdkR5