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WBEPhoenix College is partnering with industry members to develop the workforce of the future. Work-based Experiences (WBE) allow students to gain transferable skills and attain networking opportunities in the workforce.

Become a Competitive Candidate

By participating in a WBE, students can get real-world job experience and establish professional networks. Evidence indicates that WBEs improve students' employability, academic outcomes. and foster career exploration.

Did you know?

Mid-level jobs are 54% of the US labor market, yet many employers say they struggle to find the employees they need.** These mid-level jobs pay higher wages and require less than a bachelor's degree. WBEs can help students become newly trained employees ready to fill these open positions.

PC offers 86 degrees, 99 occupational certificates, and 8 academic certificates.

PC was funded for 4 National Science Foundation grants to support student research, mentoring, and internships.

60% of PC students receive a full-time job offer after their internship.


Download the PDF infographic of the 10 Types of WBEs and parameters
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