Your Guidance and Support is Essential

Your Guidance and Support is Essential

Students often turn to faculty and staff as they explore their career aspirations and goals. Thank you for providing support, assistance and referrals for students.

Here are some of the ways that we can work together:

  • Advocate for early career engagement and reflection
  • Help integrate career content into the curriculum
  • Identify employability skills gained during your course for students to add to their resume
  • Connections with Employers, scheduled class visits, field trips, group job shadow
  • Network with Employers (they want to meet you!)
  • Combine your class content with organized community service experiences through Service Learning
  • Integrate research experiences such as STEM-CURE to increase student access and success

Serve Students.

Interested in hiring a current PC student? Visit PipelineAZ

Toolkits, forms and resources for each of the 10-Types of WBEs are available in Canvas. Educators can self-enroll in the PC WBE Resources course on Canvas to access these resources and copy them directly into their own course!

PC WBE Resources in Canvas