Completion Agenda

Completion Agenda

Given that more of our community members need and deserve a higher education and their levels of preparation vary, we are committed to student success and to our role as a Learning College.

In concert with national and district expectations that more students complete a community college education by 2020, Phoenix College's Completion Agenda is comprised of specific goals that require us to be strategic about the delivery of courses, programs, and services.

We are committed to increasing the number of students who complete post-secondary degrees and certificates in order to fulfill critical city, state, and national educational and training goals. With the completion agenda as a national imperative, Phoenix College is honored to meet the challenge through a focus on retention, persistence, and student success.

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  • Recruit and retain students for optimal college enrollments and completions.
  • Create and implement an employee CHAT Service that connects our staff with experts at PC and other MCCCD Colleges.
  • Increase internet services provided to our students.
  • Increase partnerships and articulation with universities.
  • Increase communication and collaboration with high schools and community.

Learning Centered Principles

  • Evaluation: Guides every decision making process by asking the question, “How does this improve and support learning?
  • Communication: We communicate expectations required at all levels of the institution by choosing common vocabulary, clear language, and open dialogue.
  • Collaboration: A shared vision for a learning and learner-centered college is cooperatively constructed by the institution, the community it serves , and the partners to whom the institution is accountable.
  • Responsibility:: Learners are responsible for their learning. Learning facilitators work to create physical, social, cultural, and academic learning settings that support success for all learners.

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Completion Agenda in the Context of a Learning Centered College

The Learning Centered College concept, with its focus on learning, is at the heart of current national attention on student success and completion. The completion agenda would be a sad and empty promise if our colleges weren’t focused on improving and expanding student learning as our core business of a Learning Centered College (O'Banion, 2011).