Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Career Services | Serving StudentsYour Guidance and Support is Essential

As a faculty or staff member, you play a critical role in the student development process by supporting educational growth and guiding students to make informed decisions about their futures. Although many students navigate their way to Career Services independently, you may be the first to recognize that a student needs help and turns to you for guidance.

In partnership with faculty and staff, we share a mutual goal in supporting students, and we believe that educating students about careers requires a campus-wide effort. This page presents all of the key information and services to prepare students for success inside and outside of the classroom.

Looking to advertise a work-based experience (WBE) to students?  Are you interested in providing a WBE to your students and don't know where to begin? Complete the interest form below to get started. 

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Career Services | Serving StudentsServe Students

We love to present to your students, either at your location or virtual. Start by requesting a career exploration presentation for your students with Career Services. We encourage all requests to be submitted as early as possible.

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Examples of workshops Career Services offers:

  • Jumpstart Your Career: From Backpack to Briefcase
  • Resume Building
  • How to Be the STAR of Your Interview
  • How to Prepare for a Career Fair


Career Services | Serving StudentsWays that we can work together:

  1. Help familiarize yourself and students with the 10 types of WBEs
  2. Advocate for early career engagement and reflection by encouraging students to visit Career Services
  3. Integrate career content into your curriculum
  4. Identify employability skills gained during your course for students to add to their resume
  5. Connect with employers, schedule class visits, field trips, and group job shadowing for your students
  6. Direct students to Maricopa Pipeline AZ to see what internship and job positions are available
  7. Combine your class content with organized community service experiences through Service Learning
  8. Integrate research experiences such as STEM-CURE to increase student access and success

Data & Accountability Reports

The 2023-2027 Strategic Plan priorities acknowledge the most essential areas for improvement within each Strategic Commitment. Goals articulate exactly what must be accomplished to generate the positive change called for in our Priorities.

Strategic Priority 6: Ensure that all students have access to and participate in work-based experiences while attending PC.

  • Goal 6A: Increase access to work-based experiences (WBEs) ensuring that 100% of students participate in at least one WBE during their time at PC.
  • Goal 6B: Ensure equitable access to and intentional engagement in WBEs as evidenced by annual student participation representing the PC population.

Ready to submit your data?

As faculty and staff provide WBE opportunities for students, all are asked to submit their data to ensure maximum transparency and accountability towards strategic goal progress.

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