Eric Fischl Gallery

Eric Fischl Gallery

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Nestled atop Phoenix College’s Fine Arts Building, the Eric Fischl Gallery will dazzle you with panoramic views of central Phoenixand some of the most exciting artwork in the Valley! 
Exhibitions of local, and nationally known, artists are curated through our annual Call for Proposals, rotating through the fall and spring semesters. We're also proud to share the work of select student artists, through annual events like the Vanguard Showcase.  Check back often for updates.

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Fine & Performing Arts Building, 2nd Floor

Monday – Thursday:       10 am – 6 pm
Friday:                                Closed
Exhibit openings, and some events, feature special hours.
Please refer to the below schedule for details.

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Site and Trace:
Collaborative Explorations

Rebecca Pipkin & Amy Simons

September 12 – 29  |  Free Entry
Opening Reception:  Mon, Sept. 12,  5:30 to 8 pm


When does touch begin and end? With what language does an object speak and what might its trace say? These questions are being asked in a collaborative conversation between sculpture and printmaking. The viewer is invited to listen and attune, oscillating between the two dimensional and the three dimensional, between the perspectives of the mark made and the mark maker.

Fischl Art Gallery
Windows  |  Rebecca Pipkin &
Amy Simons

What a Relief

Zach Valent

September 12 – 29  |  Free Entry
Opening:  Mon, Sept. 12,  5:30 to 8 pm


In this exhibition you will find a collection of wall mounted sculptural artworks. Created through a series of collaging and mold making processes, these modular concrete artworks are uniquely engineered. While Valent continues to explore ecological content within his art, the works included in "What a Relief" place strong emphasis on aesthetics and design-based content.

Fischl Art Gallery
What a Relief  |  Zach Valent

Postbiological Ponderings

Tristyn Bustamante

October 10 – 27  |  Free Entry
Opening:  Mon, Oct. 10,  5:30 to 8 pm


The aim of this ongoing body of work is to impart an overall experience of wonderment toward a place in time, where technologies have integrated with living organisms and evolved. It is to produce an impression of a future, where evidence of humanity is sparse yet the nature of the inhabitants, their purpose, and the systems in which they exist offer hope for mankind.

Fischl Art Gallery

Voice Activated Deer…Dear Assistant
Tristyn Bustamante

Sanctuary: Animal Rescue
During the War in Ukraine

Tommy Mac

October 10 – 27  |  Free Entry
Opening:  Mon, Oct. 10,  5:30 to 8 pm


Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, people have been risking their lives to save animals, and refugees have been bringing their companion animals with them as they flee the country. These photos illustrate the Animal Rescue Pipeline; the difficult path to safety for both people and animals. It is a chapter of an ongoing project called Sanctuary, which documents animals and the people who rescue them in the face of our greatest global challenges.

 Animal Rescue During the War in Ukraine, an exhibit at Phoenix College's Eric Fischl Gallery.

The Western Eye

Juried Student Photography Exhibit

November 14 –December 1  |  Free Entry
Opening:  Mon, Nov. 14,  5:30 to 8 pm


The best of Maricopa County Community College District’s photography programs is on display in this juried exhibition.  This year’s judge is Thomas Machowicz.

For more information, and an exhibition prospectus, please visit The Western Eye site.   Guidelines may be downloaded here.

Virtual Submission:   Oct. 31 - Nov. 2 
Winners Drop-Off:     Nov. 7 - Nov. 9 



Fischl Art Gallery
Letting Go, from Cabin Meditations  |  
Thomas Machowicz, Competition Judge

The Annual Holiday Art Sale

Featuring the Art of Staff & Students

December 7 – 8  |  Free Entry
Special Hours:  11am to 7 pm


Find that special something for that special someone (including yourself!)
Select from a wide array of ceramics, jewelry, two-dimensional art, textiles, and glass.  All work is handmade by Phoenix College staff and students. 



Fischl Art Gallery

Digital Arts Student Show

Student Art Exhibit

December 7 – 8  |  Free Entry
Special Hours:  11 am to 7 pm


Discover the work of Phoenix College's digital arts students. See the latest student projects and designs, in: Illustration, Animation, Digital Imaging, Graphic Design, and Comic & Sequential Art.


Fischl Art Gallery

Across an Impossible Distance

Penny Cagney & Rachael Zur

January 23 – February 9  |  Free Entry
Opening:  Mon, Jan. 23,  5:30 to 8 pm


Is there a limit to how far love can reach?

Be it in the lingering presence of the deceased felt in domestic spaces as depicted in Rachael Zur’s work, or in a final moment of connection in the last hours of a loved one’s life as shown in Penny Cagney’s work—loved ones find a way to reach us near the end of life or after they have passed. 

Zur’s paintings depict the residue of lives lived that are held in domestic spaces. Penny Cagney examines the phenomenon of terminal lucidity, a return of cognitively impaired persons to their former selves shortly before they die. Together, these painters create tangible depictions of moments that defy logic or form and reveal that death is not the end of love.

Fischl Art Gallery

Fischl Art Gallery

Top to Bottom:
Terminal Lucidity  |  Penny Cagney;  1936-2019   Rachael Zur

Clay Doodles

Miru Kim

February 21 – March 23  |  Free Entry
Opening:  Tue, Feb. 21,  5:30 to 8 pm


Doodles arise through an approach of empty-mindedness, the unplanned, instant decisions, and the present moment. This work is created from free and playful movements as the hand moves through space. Manipulating the making process with limited conscious input creating unexpected shapes with no preconceived form.

Fischl Art Gallery
Autoform  |  Miru Kim

Labyrinth of Consciousness

Ashley Gauntt

February 21 – March 23  |  Free Entry
Opening:  Tue, Feb. 21,  5:30 to 8 pm


An exploration of mind over matter through illuminated porcelain lanterns and hidden reflections of time.

Fischl Art Gallery
Self Development, Illuminated | Ashley Gauntt

Vanguard Showcase

Juried Student Art Exhibit

April 17 – 27  |  Free Entry

Opening: Mon, Apr. 17, 5:30 pm to 8 pm.
The Gallery will be closed on Apr. 17, until the opening ceremony commences.


The Vanguard Showcase is Phoenix College’s annual student art exhibition. Local jurors select the best work of the year for exhibition in the gallery while internationally recognized artist, Eric Fischl, and Mr. Fischl’s guest confer the best-in-show Vanguard Award.


  Fischl Art Gallery

Emerging Artists High School Exhibition

Student Art Exhibit

May 8 – 14  |  Free Entry
Opening:  Mon, May 8,  5:30 to 8 pm


Young artists from high schools in the Phoenix metro area display their talents in this annual exhibition.



  Fischl Art Gallery