Eric Fischl Gallery

Eric Fischl Gallery

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Nestled atop Phoenix College’s Fine Arts Building, the Eric Fischl Gallery will dazzle you with panoramic views of central Phoenixand some of the most exciting artwork in the Valley! 
Exhibitions of local, and nationally known, artists are curated through our annual Call for Proposals, rotating through the fall and spring semesters. We're also proud to share the work of select student artists, through annual events like the Vanguard Showcase.  Check back often for updates.

Location & 2023 – 2024 Hours

Fine & Performing Arts Building, 2nd Floor

Monday – Thursday:             10 am – 6 pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday:  Closed
Exhibit openings, and some events, feature special hours.
Please refer to the below schedule for details.



Strings of Moments

Artworks by Fausto Fernandez

September 18 - October 5  |  Free Entry
Opening Reception: Mon, Sep 18, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

The paintings of Fausto Fernandez employ the use of traditional media, photography and found objects. He layers identifiable subjects with abstract elements in dense arrangements, resulting in large compositions that serve as metaphors for human interaction and behavior. The ideas develop from questioning his family upbringing, religion, human interaction, relationships in society, and the differences and similarities in his Mexican and American cultural experience. Even though his process and overall theme of his work is generally consistent, he tends to work in a series. He has created artworks inspired by mathematical equations, technology, preservation of culture and mythology.


Bridge of the Americas
Bridge of Americas | Fausto Fernandez


Happy Now

Artworks by Wendy Raisanen

September 18 - October 5  |  Free Entry
Opening Reception: Mon, Sep 18, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

The global shipping industry was made visible during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The churn of consumerism stopped briefly, and the domino effect created shortages of goods unknown to most Americans. We were made aware of the interconnectedness of humanity’s productivity. 90% of the goods that we shop for, use, gift, or throw away to maintain our happiness, are shipped from east to west on massive container ships. People work for pennies in countries like China, Vietnam, and India making goods for wealthy nations in the west. Global warming creates more powerful storms that wash containers overboard, further polluting the ocean. The question must be asked: Are we happy now?  

Port of Long Beach  |  Wendy Raisanen
Port of Long Beach  |  Wendy Raisanen


Hold On

Artworks by Christy Wittmer

October 16 - November 2  |  Free Entry
Opening Reception: Mon, Oct 16, 5:30-8:00 p.m.


Hold On is a series of sculptures by Christy Wittmer that balances clean lines of abstraction with the surprise of unexpected material explorations. Grids, arches and spheres are crafted in clay, hydrocal, fur and cement, to explore the fragility of life and messiness of emotions.


Hold On
Hold On  |  Christy Wittmer


A collaboration with computation.

Artworks by Matthew Mosher

October 16 - November 2  |  Free Entry
Opening Reception: Mon, Oct 16, 5:30-8:00 p.m.


The work in this exhibition represents a sample from a year of research into generative art production. All of the forms shown are developed entirely with computer code and then printed. Mosher’s recent work in generative forms is a collaboration with computing machinery. He is enticed by algorithmic art due to the immediacy of iteration. He uses mathematical formula to produce multiple forms and selectively refine them into finished works that address materiality, repetition, and scale.

A collaboration with computation.  |   Matthew Mosher
A collaboration with computation.  |   Matthew Mosher

New Work

Artworks by Abbey Messmer

October 16 - November 2  |  Free Entry
Opening Reception: Mon, Oct 16, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

New paintings that tell a story about the ongoing pursuit of capturing unexpected imagery while deflated and still, deep beneath gallons of rippling water.

New Work  |. Abbey Messmer
New Work  |  Abbey Messmer


Living in diaspora: being Karenni in the world

Artworks by Maw Reh

November 13 - November 30 |  Free Entry
Opening Reception: Mon, Nov 13, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

A glance at the art work of Maw Reh reveals a deep appreciation for his Karenni heritage, and a love for its people and traditions. Twice displaced, and coming to the United States as a refugee, cultural depictions in his art are a conscious attempt to hold onto memories—to keep the culture alive in a new homeland. In the middle –between older Karenni who find it hard to adapt to their new American life, and youth who are more American than Karenni– he sees his art as a bridge between generations, honoring elders’ memories of what they left, helping the youth to better understand and appreciate what their parents can’t teach them.

Artwork by Maw Reh

Making Faces

Artwork by Wade Carter and Harold Lohner

November 13 - November 30 |  Free Entry
Opening Reception: Mon, Nov 13, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Wade Carter and Harold Lohner make one-of-a-kind prints drawn from photographs. Carter’s monotypes are self-portraits, using images of his face and body in strange and humorous ways, often printed on found washcloths and towels. A transplant to Arizona, Carter uses the immediacy and intimacy of the medium as he finds himself. In an environment that is new geographically, politically, and emotionally, Lohner’s monoprints are drawn from found images of other men, collected and sorted with an eye toward recurring gestures and poses. Layering color and pattern, Lohner reveals and conceals, making a series of images that comment on male identity and presentation, psychology, and spirituality. Both artists are retired from careers in academia and met while working in the studio at Mesa Arts Center. 


Lohner Harold Monument 2 Monoprint

Annual Holiday Art Sale

Featuring the Art of Staff & Students

December 6 - December 7 |  Free Entry
11:00am -  7:00pm

Find that special something for that special someone, including yourself! Select from a wide array of ceramics, jewelry, two dimensional art, textiles, and glass, all handmade by our Phoenix College staff and students.

Fischl Art Gallery

Digital Arts Student Show

Student Art Exhibit

December 6 - December 7 |  Free Entry
11:00am -  7:00pm

What’s happening with our digital arts students at Phoenix College? See the latest student projects and designs in illustration and animation, digital imaging, graphic design, and comic and sequential art.  

Fischl Art Gallery

Hey Look, We Make Art Too

Artworks by art faculty at Phoenix College

January 23 - February 15 |  Free Entry
Opening Reception: Tuesday, Jan 23, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

This exhibition features artworks by the art faculty at Phoenix College. Come view the diversity of talent that exists among the art faculty on our PC campus.

Art Faculty  |  Phoenix College
Art Faculty  |  Phoenix College


El lenguaje de arcilla: The Language of Clay.

February 27 - March 28 |  Free Entry
Opening Reception: Tuesday, Feb. 27, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

PC Faculty member Tiffany C. Bailey traveled to Mexico supported through MCCCD Global Engagement Faculty Curriculum Development Program – Understanding Mexico: The Past, Present, and Future. This opportunity gave her the chance to visit many museums, ceramic factories, ceramic workshops, and artists. During the fall and spring semesters after her return, she shared her experiences with her students, also teaching them ceramic techniques inspired by artists and artisans in Mexico. This exhibition showcases the artworks created by Phoenix College ceramic students, staff, and faculty and inspired by Mexico.

Images from Talavera Vazquez

Vanguard Showcase

April 15 - May 2  |  Free Entry
Opening Reception: Mon, April 15, 5:30-8:00 p.m. (gallery closed until 5:30pm)

The Vanguard Showcase is Phoenix College’s annual student art exhibition. Local jurors select the best work of the year for exhibition in the gallery while internationally recognized artist, Eric Fischl, and Mr. Fischl’s guest confer the best-in-show Vanguard Award.

Fischl Art Gallery