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Eric Fischl Gallery

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Nestled atop Phoenix College’s Fine Arts Building, the Eric Fischl Gallery will dazzle you with panoramic views of central Phoenixand some of the most exciting artwork in the Valley!  Exhibitions of local, and nationally known, artists are curated through our annual Call for Proposals, rotating through the fall and spring semesters. We're also proud to share the work of select student artists, through annual events like the Vanguard Showcase.  Check back often for updates.

Fine & Performing Arts Building
, 2nd Floor

Monday – Thursday:       10 am – 6 pm
Friday:                                Closed
Exhibit openings, and some events, feature special hours.
Please refer to the below schedule for details.

Face Coverings are required to enter the Gallery,
and all College buildings, until further notice.


Interstate 19 Impressions

Artworks by Carlos Encinas

September 20–October 10
Opening:  September 20,  5:30 to 8 pm

Free Entry


INTERSTATE 19 connects Carlos Encinas' hometown of Tucson with the international border at Nogales. His acrylic paintings present impressions of life along the corridor—which is largely populated by Latinx immigrants—as well as Mexican Americans, or Chicanos. Encinas' work is enriched by cultural issues related to politics and the border, as well as family stories of past and present.



Cleaning Lady,
Carlos Encinas


Artworks by Natalie Strait

October 18–November 7
Opening:  October 18,  5:30 to 8 pm

Free Entry


Natalie Strait examines the uncertainty of modern feminine existence through a queer, semi-autobiographic lens. VIOLETS' depicts moments of women lingering in space, navigating between emotional vulnerability and gendered performativity. It's a balancing act enforced by social media. As we experience the interiority of a pandemic, Strait's paintings are a poignant study of emotion, self awareness, and the perceptions of others.



Guitar Girl,
Natalie Strait

Thou Shalt/Not

Artworks by Dain Gore

October 18–November 7
Opening:  October 18,  5:30 to 8 pm

Free Entry


THOU SHALT/NOT is an imaginary space that explores the middle ground between two very real concepts: religious control and secular freedom. Dain Gore has developed a personal mythology on the topic; narrating through a series of puppet-like wall paintings. Each work presents a thematic clash between secular and religious imagery, explored in tropes. You'll recognize familiar pop culture symbols that skillfully evoke ideas of social control.



Mandorka Resurrected,
Dain Gore

The Western Eye

Juried Student Photography Exhibit

November 15–December 5
Opening:  November 15,  5:30 to 8 pm

Free Entry


THE WESTERN EYE features the best of Maricopa County Community College District's Photography Programs. The Fall 2021 judge is Ashley Czajkowski.



Me and the Moss Covered Virgin,
Ashley Czajkowski

The Annual Holiday Art Sale

Art by Phoenix College Staff & Students

December 8–December 9
Special Hours:  11 am to 7 pm

Free Entry


Find that special something for that special someone (including yourself!)
Select from a wide array of ceramics, jewelry, two-dimensional art, textiles, and glass.




Digital Arts Student Show

Student Art Exhibit

The Show has been postponed until Spring 2022.
Details will be shared when new dates are finalized.

Free Entry


Discover the work of our digital arts students. See the latest student projects and designs, in: Illustration, Animation, Digital Imaging, Graphic Design, and Comic & Sequential Art.




Sun Flowers

Artworks by Eliza Weber

January 18–February 6
Opening:  January 18,  5:30 to 8 pm

Free Entry


SUN FLOWERS explores life cycles, the transformation, or evolution, of a shape through material and form. The Palo Verde carpet reflects the sun-stenciled wall flowers, surrounded by mirrored collages, rearranged as bordering bouquets.



Sun Flowers,
Eliza Weber

Rhythms of Motherbaby

Artworks by Linden Eller

January 18–February 6
Opening:  January 18,  5:30 to 8 pm

Free Entry


RHYTHMS OF MOTHERBABY is a series exploring interpersonal neural connectivity between mothers and infants. Linden Eller explores how their brains interact in mixed media. Abstract forms represent the tender and extraordinary communication that takes place during the first months of life.




Linden Elder

A Room of One's Own

Artworks by Jill Friedberg

February 14–March 8
Opening:  February 14,  5:30 to 8 pm

Free Entry


For society to thrive, we must preserve our present planet—by working to maintain the delicate balance necessary for its success. Friedberg's paintings are evocative of her concern for the world's future: life contained in various rooms—filled with flora, fauna, and artifacts. She conveys her concern for future generations through depictions of humanity, and nature, symbiotically surviving forces wrought by both human, and non-human activity.




A Room of One's Own,
Jill Friedberg

Vanguard Showcase

Juried Student Art Exhibit

April 18–May 1
Opening:  April 20,  5:30 to 8 pm

Free Entry


The Vanguard Showcase is Phoenix College’s annual student art exhibition. Local jurors select the year's best work for review. Internationally recognized artist Eric Fischl, and his distinguished guest, will confer the best-in-show Vanguard Award. 



 Eric Fischl Gallery - Vanguard Showcase


Emerging Artists High School Exhibition

Student Art Exhibit

May 9–15
Opening:  May 9,  5:30 to 8 pm

Free Entry


Young artists from high schools in the Phoenix metro area display their talents in this annual exhibition.



  Eric Fischl Gallery - High School Art Show