Fischl Vanguard Awards

Fischl Vanguard Awards

The Vanguard Award was created in 2005 by Eric Fischl, contemporary figurative realist painter—and PC alumnus, to recognize emerging student talent in the fine arts.

“Phoenix College gave me my start, and I want to honor that opportunity.”
 – Eric Fischl

Fischl feels a sense of obligation to give back to the place where he first felt he could be—and was allowed to be—an artist. Fischl says that he is inspired to help Phoenix College become a center for the arts in downtown Phoenix.

Presented as part of the Eric Fischl Lecture Series, the Vanguard Award is a $2,500 Best in Show Award, selected by Fischl and Series guest artist from among the work submitted for the Annual Student Art Exhibit. The Vanguard Award winners’ art is displayed in the Phoenix Art Museum’s Great Hall during the Fischl Lecture Series.

To-date, 62 students have been presented the esteemed Vanguard Award. If you are interested in supporting the next generation of great American artists and the Vanguard Awards, please contact the Phoenix College Alumni & Development Office, at 602.285.7667.

2022      Elise Ascencio, Lorita Bigman, Martha Gore, Melanie Larios
2023     Monica Spencer, Christian Antonio Lopez, Monica Castillo, Karla Daniela Martinez Lopez
2021     Isaac Brill, Jorge Hernandez Chacon, Brenda Mason, Luis Zamora
2020     No recipients due to the Covid-19 pandemic 
2019     Donna Forst, Chelsea Niven, Jasmine Sims, Sharon Tsosie
2018     Julie Grasso, Kimberly Harris, Julia Szczecinski
2017     Mackenzie Heinemann, John Paul S. Kellogg, Amy Sansbury Manning
2016     Case Binkley, Maera Grove, Jennifer Williamson
2015     Timothy Correa, Paul Elliot;   Paint Co-Lab Members:  Lee Brown, Deborah Butterfly, Meghan Canty, Edgar Fernandez, Linda Fitzgerald, Jim Jefferies, Jose Rodriguez, Kris Manzanares, Mary Meyers, Daniela Moneta, and Aimee Ollinger
2014     Paint Co-Lab Members:  Kasha Banko, Leslie Barton, Lee Brown, Meghan Canty, Claudia Castro, Deanna Diehl, Natasha Dickinson, Linda Fitzgerald, Jim Jeffries, Kris Manzanares, Daniela Moneta, Al Merino, James Pettis, Alan Pobanz, Jose Rodriguez, Tracy Smith, and Marco Turrubiartes
2013     Amelec Diaz, Roberto Romero
2012     Thomas Ingersoll, Kris Manzanares, Marco Turrubiarte
2011     Jesus Sandoval, Joe Valenzuela
2010     Sharon Kindred, Anna Reitz
2009     James Legg, Alexandria Mada
2008     Francisco Garcia
2007     Catherine (Caty) Raya
2006     Sarah Amalia Brooks
2005     Michelle Marie Bevins