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Fitness Center

Enjoy Group Exercise this Fall!

Wellness is a journey;  don't go it alone. 
Experience the perks of membership at the Phoenix College Fitness Center.

Experience the Professionalism of the Phoenix College Fitness Center 

Neighbors, Employees, Alumni & Students,
Experience the Perks of Membership.

Whether you're looking to refresh your existing regimen, or explore exercise for the first time, consider enrolling today.  
Membership entitles you access to a robust selection of Group Exercise Classes, inside our state-of-the-art facility.  

Instruction is delivered by degreed and certified experts, who'll support you in achieving personal goals.  We also offer for-credit classes.

Course Formats

Keep Your Routine Exciting

Review the newly expanded Group Exercise Course List You’ll find favorites such as boot camp, yoga and Zumba; as well as specialized programs like SilverSneakers® and BrainSavers®.

Unsure of which options interest you most?  Not a problem!  Group Exercise Class participants are also Fitness Center Members.  Your status entitles you to attend any Group Exercise Class throughout the semester, and to use the Fitness Center outside of scheduled class periods.

Group Exercise Participants also benefit from:

  • Personalized exercise plans
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Balance assessments
  • A fun and motivating environment


Earn College Credit

Activity classes are designed for those interested in accruing college credit.   Fitness Center Membership isn’t required to enroll; however, students are encouraged to sign up at an additional cost.  Membership provides for-credit students with facility access outside of class; and also permits them to take part in Group Exercise Classes.  


Get Started:  Connect with the Team,
then Schedule a Tour

Please complete the brief Get Acquainted Form. 

A member of our staff will reach out to answer questions, offer to schedule you for a tour.  They'll also explain how to move forward with enrollment, so you can begin working out.  If you're interested in a particular class, you'll have the opportunity to ask if a Medical Release Form is needed to participate.



Enter the Fitness Center from the southeast side of Building G, also known as the Gymnasium.  The nearest cross streets are West Thomas Rd. and 15th Avenue, with driveways from either street.  Abundant parking in located nearby, in the West Lot, and Parking Garage.