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Senior Wellness


Senior Wellness at
the Fitness Center

Among the Fitness Center's Group Exercise Classes are two specialized programs, designed for people age 65+:  SilverSneakers® and BrainSavers®.   

While these programs were developed for seniors, all are welcome.  Likewise, people age 65+ are encouraged to consider our full list of Group Exercise offerings. SilverSneakers and BrainSavers focus on:

  • Stretching
  • Chair exercises
  • Strength training
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Balance


The SilverSneakers is a results-oriented fitness program for older adults, who are at greater risk for living with chronic health conditions. 

An innovative blend of physical activity, healthy living, and socially-oriented programming, participants learn how to take greater control of their health, and maintain an independent lifestyle.  SilverSneakers members receive:

  • Fitness Center Membership; and access to other Group Exercise Classes
  • A specially trained Senior Advisor, who'll introduce you to SilverSneakers and get you acquainted with the Phoenix College Fitness Center
  • While traveling, access to other participating fitness centers throughout the U.S.
  • Customized SilverSneakers classes designed exclusively for older adults who want to improve their strength, flexibility, balance and endurance
  • Health education seminars, and other events, that promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle


How to Get Started

  1.  Verify your schedule is open during class times, by checking for SilverSneakers on the Group Exercise Class Schedule
  2.  Contact, then visit, the Phoenix College Fitness Center during normal hours.  To set up an appointment, submit the Get Acquainted Form, or call 602-285-7296, and let the person who answers know you're interested in SilverSneakers®.
  3.  When visiting, please remember to bring your insurance card with you. 

You can begin participating in SilverSneakers after the team receives a signed medical release from your doctor—which will be discussed momentarily; and, after you've enrolled in Fitness 100.  Choose from multiple course sections of Fitness 100which are differentiated by the number of months you'd like to be participate in the program.  The cost breaks down to about $10 per month.
Joining SilverSneakers  automatically makes you a Phoenix College Fitness Center Member.  Benefits are discussed at the bottom of this page.


Medical Release & Insurance

All SilverSneakers participants are required to obtain a signed medical release prior to exercising. Please request your doctor to fax the completed release form to: 602.285.7755. 

SilverSneakers participants enrolled in the following programs may be eligible for reimbursement:  Health Net, Secure Horizons, Pacific Care, or AARP/Medicare Supplement (CECI).  Please be sure to contact your insurer before enrolling, as plans change frequently.



While BrainSavers is unavailable this semester, the program may be reinstated.  Please check back at the beginning of the next academic term.


Cost & Benefits of Participating in
Senior Wellness Programs

People who participate in SilverSneakers and BrainSavers, like all Group Fitness Class students, are considered Fitness Center Members.  Membership costs about $10 per month.

Members enjoy full access to the Phoenix College Fitness Center—including locker rooms, and all Group Exercise Classes (pending medical release, when necessary).  Get started today: Set up an appointment by submitting the Get Acquainted Form, or by calling 602-285-7296.



The nearest cross streets are West Thomas Rd. and 15th Avenue, with driveways from either street.  Abundant parking in located nearby, in the West Lot, and Parking Garage.