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Instructional Support Services

Vision: We provide students, faculty, administration, and staff with accurate curriculum management support.

Mission: We provide

  • Accurate curriculum information to students
  • Upkeep of courses and programs for faculty
  • Provide data to administration

Values:  We support PC’s Basics of Integrity, Respect, Stewardship, Engagement, Innovation and Excellence and the experiences as front-line employees.

Under the direction of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Instructional Support Services (ISS) staff works with faculty to keep their course and program offerings up-to-date and the online class schedule current and reflective of courses available for student enrollment.

Faculty should contact us to:

  • Create, change, or delete a class
  • Create, change or delete a learning community
  • Obtain Change of Master (COM) Security Assignment Request
  • Submit edit to catalog
  • Create, change, or delete a course or program
  • Adopt a course from the district-wide course bank
  • Apply for a general education value for a course
  • Find information on courses or programs
  • Apply for approval increasing or eliminating a course fee or for a new one
  • Monitor first-rights classrooms
  • Recommend improvement for service related to:
    • class schedule
    • curriculum process
    • course fee(s) modification
    • other related requests

Instructional Support Services Supervisor (Curriculum Management) - 602.285.7887 

  • Consults, trains and serves as a resource person to faculty, staff, curriculum designers and representatives from business and industry.
  • Manages college curriculum processes, class schedule building and maintenance processes, and monitors and manages instructional spaces assigned to academic departments in collaboration with department chairs and administration.
  • Supervises the work of assigned office personnel
  • Works with faculty to develop curriculum proposals to add, modify, or delete courses and programs
  • Works with faculty to develop general education proposals to get and keep transfer values for MCCCD courses
  • Provides help in finding and understanding information on curriculum and general education
  • Supports the work of the college and district curriculum committees

Instructional Services Coordinators -  602.285.7465  602.285.7804  602.285.7803


  • Processes Change of Masters to add, modify or delete classes within SIS.
  • Assists Senior Coordinator with schedule building related services
  • Coordinates development of class schedule
  • Processes instructor space (classrooms) assignments
  • Monitors 25Live Instructional space


  • Processes curriculum proposals to add, modify or delete courses and programs
  • Processes course adoption from the MCCCD course bank
  • Processes general education proposals to get and keep transfer values for MCCCD courses
  • Channels curriculum and general education information to:
    • Instructional councils
    • District support staff
    • College and district curriculum committees
  • Archives curriculum and general education proposals and other curriculum-related information
  • Prepares the agenda and supporting materials for college curriculum committee meetings
  • Prepares PC Catalog content for publication 

 Faculty Representative - 602.285.7822

  • Represents PC faculty interests as a voting member of the District Curriculum Committee and its subcommittees
  • Keeps the college curriculum committee informed of District wide and statewide curriculum issues and activities
  • Keeps PC faculty informed of curriculum issues, and solicits feedback and input from faculty