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The members of the Class Scheduling Team are the Class Scheduler (Mary Elfgen, Ext. 57465) and Coordinator College Curriculum (Irene Ruiz, Ext. 57887).

Emails regarding Class Scheduling activities are sent to Emailing the central email ensures faster response time. When you send emails regarding Class Scheduling activities to individual email accounts, response may be delayed because a team member is unavailable. Class Scheduling accepts requests from department chairs, program directors and department secretaries.

To add a new class, change or delete an existing class; submit class scheduling requests through the   COM (Change of Master) system. If you need access, please complete COM Security Assignment Request.

COMs requiring Administration approval are requests for decreasing Enrollment Capacity not associated with a Classroom change and special workload requests such as a lower workload than the approved workload found in the Course Catalog.

Requests not requiring Administration approval include classroom changes, increasing Enrollment Capacity, Date/Day/Time changes and Instructor changes. Review the COM Processes & Flowchart for more information.

REMINDER: Academic Departments must obtain confirmation from Employee Services prior to requesting workload assignments resulting in overload for an Instructor.

During the Building Phase of the Class Schedule, First Rights classrooms, which are allocated by Administration to the Academic Department, are assigned by the Department Chair or Program Director. If a classroom assignment is not submitted, the Facility ID is encoded as PC TBA in SIS and the classroom assignment is completed during the Maintenance Phase.

To find an available classroom, please review 25Live. Please contact Mary Elfgen or Irene Ruiz for assistance.

Complete Curriculum Development Request and obtain signatures. Contact Curriculum office and schedule appointment to meet with Curriculum Work Team. Complete Course Fee application to apply for approval increasing or eliminating a course fee or for a new one. Contact Instructional Support Services at Ext. 57803 or 57887.

As soon as you have an idea for new curriculum or to modify existing curriculum, you must meet with your Department Chair. Since there are many factors affecting curriculum, together you can discuss your idea in more depth. Once you and your Department Chair are in agreement, then call PC Curriculum at Ext. 57803 or 57887 to schedule your meeting with the Curriculum Work Team. Meeting dates are found on the 2020-2021 Phoenix College Curriculum Processing Calendar, located in the "Resources" link.

The PC Curriculum Processing Calendar is established using the District Curriculum Committee Calendar. Since we must meet the appropriate deadlines, PC Curriculum works with the dates established to provide you with the applicable calendar for the development of your curriculum.

We are part of a multi-campus institution of higher education and the curriculum provided to our students is part of the Maricopa Community College District. Most of our courses are shared with our sister colleges, which means we need to communicate with those other colleges; so it is essential that time be allocated for faculty members District-wide to be informed of our new and/or proposed changes to curriculum.  It takes approximately three months from the time that your request is submitted to the Curriculum Work Team to when approval of curriculum by the MCCCD Governing Board occurs.  Curriculum Process Flowchart

The members of the Curriculum Work Team include you, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Associate Deans, the District Curriculum Committee Faculty Representative/Instructional Designer, and Curriculum Office personnel. Each member has his or her expertise.  Our goal is to provide you assistance with the details of your request. Together, we attempt to answer questions including what the timeline for processing will be and what impact your request for curriculum development may have on students, the college, and the District.  Curriculum Process Flowchart lists Curriculum Work Team members or call Ext. 57803 or 57887.

The degree pathways available through the Maricopa Community Colleges are found in the document, "MCCCD Degree Pathways," located in the "Resources" link.