Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

Under the direction of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, staff works with faculty to keep their course and program offerings up-to-date.  Incorporates the use of the Academic Review and Evaluation System (ACRES) to share curricular changes with all the Arizona state universities.  MCCCD Instructional Councils (IC) develop and process any new courses, course modifications and or course deletions needed as a result of university curriculum action.

Contact us when you need to:

  • Submit edit to catalog
  • Create, change, or delete a course or program
  • Adopt a course from the district-wide course bank
  • Apply for a general education value for a course
  • Find information on courses or programs
  • Apply for approval increasing or eliminating a course fee or for a new one
  • Recommend improvement for service related to:
    • curriculum process
    • course fee(s) modification
    • other related requests
  • Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation:

PC Catalog

The Catalog is produced so that it is available to students after Spring Break, at the end of March; which coincides with the start of early registration for the Summer and Fall Terms.

Copies of the current edition of the PC Catalog are sent to the department chairs in early October for review.  Edits are submitted to Instructional Support Services by early November.  Edits from the service areas appearing in the front section of the catalog are requested in early November.

Once all edits are input, Instructional Support Services submits the updated catalog to Institutional Advancement so the document can be prepared to post online.

Submit suggestions for improvement to