BIPOC Therapy Resources

BIPOC Therapy Resources Database of practitioners who identify as a queer, trans, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, bisexual, lesbian and/or gay person of color 
One in AZ: Search functionality for a therapist of color. Can filter by area, service, ethnicity, and insurance - 7 in AZ Virtual platform for individuals to find culturally competent therapists on Ayanatherapy Virtual therapy app for Black therapists and Black people Website to find a Latinx therapist or speaker. Offer podcasts, courses & workshops, wellness resources - 16 in AZ Nonprofit dedicated to connecting minority-identifying clients to minority-identifying therapists, advancing therapists of color,  providing financial gifts to minority-identifying clients for psychotherapy, reducing societal stigma surrounding mental health, and supporting our community. group of psychologists, professional counselors, social workers, and administrative specialists who provide quality mental healthcare exclusively to queer and trans people of color - contains directory of therapist - one in AZ Directory of therapists of color - three in AZ Contains database of Latinx therapists in AZ - 18 therapists Contains a database of inclusive therapists - 1 in AZ Contains directory of South Asian therapists - only one in AZ Four in AZ… Four in AZ 22 results in AZ Directory of therapists serving black woman and girls. Also contains a therapy fund Database of therapists, life coaches, psychiatrists, treatment centers - 4 in AZ This resource provides a list of mental health and addiction resources focused on helping the BIPOC community.