DAC Awards

DAC Awards

The Diversity Advisory Council

The DAC, or Diversity Advisory Council, is a District-wide organization that advocates for inclusivity, and equity, at the ten Maricopa Community Colleges. As the Council strives to develop optimal learning and work environments, its impact is felt through training opportunities, policy changes, and more.

Annual DAC Awards

Since 2007, the Council has recognized Maricopa employees whose work demonstrates that diversity is at the heart of our educational mission. The Phoenix College Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity Committee (EIDC) supports this District effort by hosting Nominations for the DAC Award. Early in the Spring semester, College employees are welcomed to nominate their peers for evaluation. A nominee from PC will join peers from each of our sister colleges, at a ceremony held in their honor. Each nominee will be presented with an award commending their outstanding service.


Recognize Phoenix College Employees, including:

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Programs and Initiatives

Please describe how their efforts to support diversity and inclusiveness are related to:

  • Student Success -
  • Workforce Development
  • Innovation


February 4, 2022

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