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Phones, Conferencing and Communications

Phoenix College phones use the Cisco Unified Communications (UC) platform and Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. That's really just a fancy way of saying that Phoenix College upgraded its old PBX phone system to a new one in 2015! As part of this upgrade, we transitioned employees to the new Cisco Unity voice mail system from the old district system.

If you have any questions about this system or the capabilities of your phone, please contact the IT help desk at 5-7200.

Quick Reference Guide

Customer Phone Portal - Customize your phone features

To access the self-paced online training, click your phone model below.


Most Cisco phone guides will receive their phones the week of January 19th, 2015. After that, approximately 90 phones will be installed each week. Emails will be sent to departments with their corresponding install dates and all phone installations are scheduled for completion by Spring Break.

Yes, you will receive an email from IT, notifying you of your phone installation date.

Cisco Phone Guides have been trained to assist employees in their department. They are your first initial support contact. You may also call IT help desk at x57200 or email for assistance.

After you receive your new phone, call our Helpdesk at x57200 or email to set up a time.

A functional training phone along with the self-pace training video have been setup in the IT West lobby area. If you need assistance on using the lobby phone, call our help desk x57200.

Your old voicemail will deactivate at the end of 2015 or when the district office is no longer able to support the older system. If you need assistance in saving your old voicemail, contact our help desk x57200. You can access your old voicemail by calling (internal) 18866 or (external) 480-731-8866

Yes, you can access your old voicemail (internal) 18866 or (external) 480-731-8866

Your new initial setup password code is 1920.

The new voicemail extension is 28866 (internal), external access is 602-532-8866

External Access Procedure

Step 1: Call 602-532-8866, followed by Pressing *
Step 2: Enter your phone extension
Step 3: Enter your PIN followed by #
Step 4: Follow directions to review voicemail
- Listen to new messages

You can access the new voicemail system by pressing the voicemail button on your phone, dialing extension 28866 (internal) or externally using 602-532-8866

The first time you access your voicemail, you will be prompted to enter a pin number. The initial pin number is 1920.

You will then be prompted to record your name, your greeting, and to finally change your pin.

After you have completed the setup of your new voicemail, when accessing your voicemail externally you will need to press the * key when the voice prompting begins to access your voicemail by following the prompts.

1 - Listen to new messages
1 - Replay
2 - Save
3 - Delete
4 - Reply
5 - Forward message
6 - Save as New
7 - Rewind message
8 - Play message properties
## - Skip to next message (Marks current as New)

2 - Send a message
• Press 2 at Main Menu
• Speak message, Press # when done
• Enter destination extension, then #
• Name will play, Press # to confirm
# - Send
1 - Mark Urgent
2 - Return receipt
3 - Mark Private
4 - Set for future delivery
5 - Review
6 - Re-Record
7 - Add to message
91 - Add a name
92 - Review/Delete names
1 - Repeat
3 - Delete
7 - Previous name
9 - Next name

3 - Review old messages
• Press 3 at Main Menu
1 - Listen to new messages
2 - Send a message
3 - Review old messages
4 - Change setup options

4 - Change setup options
• Press 4 at Main Menu
• Change Greetings:
• Press 1 (System will state if Standard or Alternate greeting is currently used)
1 - Record this greeting
2 - Turn on/off alternate greeting
3 - Edit other greetings
4 - Hear all greetings
• Change Pin:
• Press 3 Then 1
• Change Recorded Name:
• Press 3 Then 2
Use these keys anytime:
0 - Help
* - Cancel or back up

If you have any questions related to using the new voicemail system, please contact the help desk at 602-285-7200 or try using the Voicemail User Guide