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Web Services

IT Web Services

How to Request a Web Update

Welcome to IT Web Services. We are here to help ensure that the messaging on the Phoenix College website is accurate and directed to our customers. If there are changes / updates that need to be made on the information located on the Phoenix College website please submit a helpdesk request or call the helpdesk directly. 

If you have other web related requests please contact the Marketing Department.

Access and Training

Access to edit the PC website is maintained by IT Infrastructure, and is based on the MCCCD LDAP directory. Access is limited in order to keep the user experience consistent through the entire website. The content management system (CMS), used on the PC website, is designed with a tiered access system so that editors can only edit or update their particular section of the website to which they have been assigned. This limits user access to make updates only within a particular area of the website, protecting other areas outside of their purview.

Employees wishing to become website editors must first have their manger request access for them and then complete a Canvas training course. Please have your immediate supervisor submit a helpdesk ticket, including the name and MEID of the requested editor in order to get the process started. 

Additional Web Elements


Videos can be displayed on the Phoenix College website. Videos will be uploaded to the Phoenix College YouTube Channel and typically be less than 3 min in length. Contact Marketing for more information and assistance with editing and uploading videos to the Phoenix College YouTube account. Please submit an IT helpdesk ticket for placement on the website.

Submitting a News Story 

If you have a news story that should be shared on the Phoenix College website please contact the Marketing Department for assistance.

Stories to the main news feed will be edited before posting.

Submitting an Event

If you have an event that should be shared on the Phoenix College website please contact the Marketing Department for assistance

Events will be reviewed for duplication prior to posting.

Degrees & Certificates 

Degrees and Certificates (awards) are a direct import from district curriculum (CCTA). These will be maintained and updated through a semi-automated process, involving marketing and curriculum staff.

Each degree or certificate contains a list of the courses applicable to that particular award (with links to the schedule).