Honors Courses

Phoenix College Honors students are required to enroll in a minimum of one Honors course each semester. Our personalized curriculum advising services will help you find the right courses and keep you on track for smooth graduation or transfer.

Honors courses are enriched courses, not normal courses made ‘harder,’ and grading standards are the same as in normal college courses. Honors courses strive to stimulate your thinking; they use provocative and innovative materials covering central concepts and cutting edge explorations; and they provide the informal, small class environment that encourages discussion and debate on important topics. 

Honors courses are only offered during the fall and spring semester.

Honors courses offered include ENG101, ENG102, CRE101, MAT151, BIO108, GLG 101/103, COM100, COM225, COM263, PHI101, PSY101, MHL155, ARH102, HON190, HON201, HUM108, and many more!