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President's Honors Scholarship

The Presidents' Honors Scholarship covers in-state/in-county tuition up to 15 credits hours (plus the $15 registration fee) per semester and is renewable for up to four semesters. The scholarship does not cover summer sessions.

Apply for the President's Scholarship

To be Eligible for the Scholarship

  • Successfully complete secondary education within Maricopa County with a final unweighted cumulative high school grade point average of 3.25 or higher

Additional Requirements for the Scholarship

  • The student has one year (two academic terms, not counting summer sessions) from the date of his/her high school graduation to apply for and receive the award.
  • The student must not attend another accredited college or university before attending one of the Maricopa Community Colleges (except for summer sessions).
  • The student must enroll in at least 12 graded credit hours (including an Honors course of 3 or more credits) each semester. 
  • The student must submit the Presidents' Honors Scholarship application in person or via email no later than two weeks prior to the start of the semester

**Note: Only those with a lawful presence in the U.S. may qualify for MCCCD scholarships or federal financial aid. Any information you provide about your legal status when you apply for financial aid or scholarships may be subject to mandatory reporting to federal immigration authorities under AZ law. This does not apply to applications for the private scholarship funds held in and distributed by the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation. For more information please visit (Arizona Immigration Law Facts HB2008.)

Retention Requirements

To remain active in the program and retain your Presidents' Honors Scholarship, you must

  • Maintain continuous enrollment as a full-time student for the four consecutive semesters.
  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or higher. All MCCD coursework completed is included in the cumulative GPA.
  • Complete required co-curricular activities as defined by the college Honors Program.
  • Participate in mandatory Honors Orientation at the beginning of the first semester.