Honors FAQ

Honors FAQ

Honors Program FAQs

Participation in the Honors Program speaks volumes about your abilities and aspirations.  Students are widely recognized for superior academic ability, and the motivation to make the most of their college experience.  Learn more about the value of Honors Classes by exploring the below content, adapted from the National Collegiate Honors Council.


Yes, it speaks volumes about your abilities and aspirations. Students in Honors programs are widely recognized as being the best students at a college, having both superior academic ability and the motivation to make the most of their college experience.


Sometimes this is true, but very often it is not. In fact, more than a thousand colleges have established Honors programs precisely because good students do better in them. Without a peer group that values academic excellence, social life can easily become more important than studying. Talented students may also be bored in normal classes and coast through or put off simple assignments.


If you are admitted into the Honors Program, you have the ability to succeed in your Honors courses. You will also gain confidence in your own abilities by working together with (not competing with) the best students on campus. Sometimes Honors courses may require a bit more work than other courses, but not excessively so, and Honors courses and the faculty are often so stimulating that students barely notice that they are doing more.


Certainly, and you will meet many other students doing the same. Most Honors students at Phoenix College are able to participate successfully in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and still maintain a balance with their academic work.


Phoenix College Honors students are a highly diverse group, not just in majors, but also in backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicity, race, personality, interests, and life goals. What Honors students share is a commitment to academic excellence, a desire to make the most of their college experience, and the willingness to broaden their worldview.


Students in Honors-only classes benefit from smaller class sizes and instruction by some of the best faculty on campus. Students in all Honors classes benefit from enriched instruction, projects, and classroom activities. The workload in your Honors classes may be a bit different, depending on the class and instructor, but all the work is designed to challenge you and help you develop intellectually, socially, and personally.


No. However, if your Presidents' Scholarship expires (max four semesters) and you still want to attend Honors classes at Phoenix College, you can thereafter receive the Honors Achievement Award, as long as you maintain those eligibility requirements.


The money is awarded after our office verifies that all of your requirements are in place — eligibility, complete application, and enrollment in an Honors Day course or completion of an Honors project. For some students, money may be awarded at the end of the semester. The details for the Presidents' Scholarship and the Honors Achievement Award differ somewhat, so contact our office in HB111 or at 602-285-7305 for details.


No. In fact, it's the other way around. Once you are accepted and enrolled in an Honors class, we give you money to help you attain your higher education goals.