Adulting 101

Spring 2024 Calendar

Spring 2024

Join us for Adulting 101—the discussion series focused on fundamental life skills.  Click on the room location, or virtual attendance link, to RSVP. 


Marketing Yourself Patience Walton

Tuesday, March 5th
1 - 2 pm

SU 117A

Learn how to create and manage a positive digital footprint for future employment. Our digital footprint is a self-portrait we paint online. It is important to ensure it is accurate and truly representing who we are.

Laundry Techniques Tracy Jaramillo Tuesday, March 19
1 - 2 pm

SU Bear's Den

Learn new techniques and tips to treat different fabrics, avoid damaging clothing, and unique cleaning methods for longer lasting clothing.

Drug & Substance Abuse Kristin Sergeant

Tuesday, April 2
1 - 2 pm

Via Zoom: 

Learning how alcohol and/or drugs can impact your life and affect your educational journey. Learn about the resources that Phoenix College has available for all students even if you have started using.

Dating Consent &Violence Andrea Johnson Molina

Tuesday, April 30
1 - 2 pm

Hacienda Room

Join us as we learn and discuss Phoenix College's policies regarding consent, how Phoenix College promotes and supports healthy relationships, and what services are in place for anyone facing dating violence.